These Sanguine Tides

A Tale from the Effluvium

Book One of The Tortuga and the Hare

On the sea, nothing changes.
Unless there is blood.

When Leena Davies was a child, pirates took her eye and killed her father. She did not remember their faces, but she could not forget the day. Filled with childlike revenge, she and her brother Tristan ventured every night to the seashore to plot against the pirates who had taken everything from them.

Until her brother committed arson on the night of the blood moon.

To pay her brother’s bail, Mr. Hackney of the Sanguine Tortuga acquires Leena and puts her to work. With a new life onboard a ship filled with magic and talent, Leena sees a potential future of adventure, only to be greeted by redundancy. Locked in a routine, with nothing remarkable about her, Leena’s future lies in the hands of a captain with a vendetta.

After Mr. Hackney acquires an alluring pirate with a secret, and as discontent grows amongst his acquisitions, murmurs of rebellion echo within the belly of the Sanguine Tortuga. Leena must decide where to place her loyalties. Will an act of treason reunite her with her brother? Or will it turn her into the thing she despises?

After all, what is a pirate but a name?

This book contains depictions of violence, death, slavery, and some adult language, as well as discussions of sexual situations, assault, and colonialism.

Want to adventure beyond these tides? Enter the World of the Effluvium and discover more adventures.
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