The World of the Effluvium

The Life & Death Cycle

Join Brent and Rho as they uncover the mysteries of an ancient council of death gods, a corrupt religious order, and of the magic missing from their world.

The Mist Keeper's Apprentice
A Pool of Peony
The Towers of Knoll
The Seeds of Vermillion
Coming 2023
Children of Cypress
Coming 2024
Immortal Camellias
Coming 2025

The Story Collector’s Almanac

Learn the pasts of the Mist Keepers, the mysterious death gods who control the world and the Effluvium. Perhaps they are not as godlike as they seem…

Illusions of the Mist
Architect of the Mist
Coming 2023
Coming 2023
Coming 2024
Coming 2024
Comng 2024
Coming 2024

Tales from the Effluvium

There is more to the world than just chaotic death gods and corrupt orders. In these stand alone stories, venture deeper into the World of the Effluvium and uncover secrets even the most powerful individuals don’t know.

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