The Towers of Knoll

Towers graze the landscape… The Order has grown in power…

And the mist is burning with retribution.

After losing Ningursu’s head to the Pool and escaping the Library of Mist Keepers, Brent and Bria arrive back in their home country of Rosada. Yet things have changed since they left. Guard towers move across the landscape. Children are being taken from their home. All the while, the Mist Keepers seek vengeance.

Brent and Bria set out on a journey to protect their homeland. Yet, staying together amid a growing war is difficult. Between a magical carnival disrupting their travels, ruthless Guards stripping people of their humanity, and uprisings in the nation’s Pits, every move they make might impact the future of magic, Order, and the Effluvium.

All the while, the Order of the Effluviums’s strength grows. With a newfound weapon in the form of a young woman and a ruthless series of experimentations upon Magii, the Order believes they have found a cure for the dying Effluvium. As the Order’s plans come to light and secrets climb out of the mist, Brent and Bria are left to decide their role in the battle between Life and Death.

Can they bring life back to their dying home? Or will nothing but stories be left in the end?

Content Warnings: This book is rated 16+ for mentions and depictions of death, sexual content, adult language, violence, alcohol & drug use, police brutality, child abuse, and psychological abuse/trauma.

Ready for the next book?

Book 4 comes out Summer 2023.

While you wait, enter the World of the Effluvium and discover more adventures.

Haven’t read the first two books ? Check out The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice and A Pool of Peony!

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