Architect of the Mist

Alojzy spent years building a monument to his god

Only to have his god come to visit.

When Alojzy turned twelve, he devoted his life to the God of Death, of Eternity, and of Abstract. Enamored with the stories, he spent his adolescence building altars in the woods and listening to the soldier’s prayers, all while dreaming of the day when he could finally build a citadel to honor his god.

When that opportunity arrives in the form of a marital arrangement, Alojzy engrosses himself in building a citadel that would rise above the rest of his town. Little did he expect that the stones walls he built would be the perfect place for secrets and magic. With paranoia about affairs and uncontrolled magic spreading, Alojzy is left reeling with the possibility that his masterpiece will be stolen from him.

Alojzy is left with few options, until one day, his god’s angels arrive in his citadel to give him an offer he cannot refuse: a chance to prove his loyalty and become one of them—one of the Mist Keepers.

In this installment of The Story Collector’s Almanac, join Alojzy as he devotes his life to the Council of Mist Keepers and transforms into the architect that defines their existence in The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice.

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Mapping the Mist comes out in
Spring 2023

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