Rebound – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★✰  (4 / 5 stars)

The war has ended…at least so it seems. Judas, Nadine, and Samhain have started to settle into a new normal, but out of the ashes of Denme has emerged a new group, the DRG, determined to bring back Our Leader’s rule. Now, the Rebellion must come back together to fight a new foe, all while facing their own internal demons…and choosing their own paths.

LJ Kerry takes us back to this dystopian world where even after the “good guys” win, there is still much to be done. This is a realistic approach not always taken in dystopian literature; often, we see the Rebellion succeeding…and then all is fine. But here, there is countless contention amongst the groups, as well as an attempt as normalcy. Between fights, the team goes bowling, goes on dates, and even gets ice cream! But the terror is still there.

One thing that I really appreciate Kerry taking the time to explore is PTSD and mental illness. Judas, Nadine, and Samhain – the three POV characters in Rebound – have their own demons. Judas struggles with PTSD of killing during the Rebellion; Nadine is facing her own nightmares regarding her father’s betrayal; and Samhain battles schizophrenia, leading to erratic decisions. These are realistic and often overlooked aspects of the genre, and I applaud Kerry for putting this into her writing.

Overall, Rebound is much better written than Listed; the prose is stronger, the descriptions and characterization more sound. Yet, Rebound is also a story with less at stake. Yes, there is the DRG raising chaos across the nation…but there isn’t a single leader or rule they are trying to dismantle. Rather, Rebound is an exploration of internal struggles…and determining what is best for each character in the end.

While I think Rebound is the stronger book, I preferred Listed’s plot more for this reason. I liked the higher stakes. Some of critiques from Listed carry over to Rebound as well; so much happens in these two books, I almost feel like they could have been a trilogy…or longer! There’s so much more I want to know about Denme’s rule, Samhain’s childhood, and Nadine’s family. Plus, there are so many parts of Denme, Olympia, and the rest of this dystopia world that we could have explored!

Yet, with that being said, Rebound is action packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat through each twist and turn. You’ll be screaming at certain deaths, and your heart will stand still when the stakes are high.

If you want a good dystopian read, the Listed Duology is definitely one to add to your TBR!  

What’s it about?

They should have never won. . .

Everything seemed fine for Samhain, Nadine, and Judas while they tried to heal from the events of the Uprising a year and a half ago. That is until a new group started threatening their safety, trying to bring back the ruthless regime they had fought so hard to eradicate. The new threat already burned down Samhain’s home, leaving Judas lost and having to open up his home for his stranded friends while they can do nothing but watch history repeat itself.

But the trio are soon called forward by the new government, who have decided to re-establish the shattered Rebellion in a desperate bid to shut down the threat. However, with so many unknowns about who or what the threat is—time may be running out to save an entire nation.

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