Listed – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★✰  (4 / 5 stars)

Judas grew up in Denme, but he never stood him his Leader. Rather, he has spent his whole life fighting for his freedom, hiding his identity, and working for The Rebellion. Meanwhile, Nadine has never known this struggle; living life in Olympia, she was aware of the struggles in Denme, but until she is kidnapped and brought there, she never witnessed it first hand. Now, Nadine has a choice: hide with The Rebellion as an unlisted until they can get her home…or become Listed and help to take down the Leader of Denme and bring peace.

That summary only describes some of what happens in this fast paced and exciting book that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Listed was a refreshing take on Dystopian novels, taking some of the best elements from books like The Hunger Games, The Giver, City of Embers, etc. and putting a New Adult, darker twist on them. 

Honestly it was so refreshing reading a New Adult Dystopian novel. I wasn’t faced with the same tropes that often annoy me in YA Dystopian Novels: love triangles, teenage leaders, etc. Instead, we have a group of individuals fighting for their lives but also working together. There is not a singular leader, but a group, willing to discuss the pros and cons of their actions, and chose the right path. The characters are more mature and face far darker circumstances. All in all, I really enjoyed it! 

The characters pop, with Judas and Nadine acting as the traditional POV characters. But along side them you characters like Michael who was learning how his entire world was a lie, or Ezekiel the main leader, or Samhain the destructive one. All of these characters work together as a unit to really make the story pop. 

Yet, my primary issue with the book was the pace. There was so much that happened, and if the book had been longer or even split up into two parts, it would have given us a chance to explore more of the worldbuilding (which was pretty sound as it is) as well as the different character. Yet, that is a more personal reason than anything; if you’ve seen my reviews before, you know that I just want more! 

That’s why I’m so excited for the sequel, Rebound. I’ve already pre-ordered it and have it on my short list to read later this summer! 

All-in-all, Listed is a fantastic NA Dystopian novel that takes many common tropes and expands upon them. So if you like fast paced, dystopian novels with LGBTQ+ rep and characters that pop…check it out! 

What’s it about?

They should have never met. . .

When Judas Wells is ordered to send Nadine Ellis to her execution, he defies orders for the first time in his life by concealing Nadine in The Rebellion. However, once it is revealed that Nadine has actually been kidnapped from a neighboring country, The Rebellion and Judas realise her experience as an outsider could could bring down their own country’s ruthless regime and restore freedom to the nation.

Yet this proves no simple task when the government starts hunting them all down. As an uprising looms over the country in retaliation, nowhere is safe. With the help of The Rebellion, Judas and Nadine must survive long enough to see freedom restored—or face their demise. 

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