The Last of Polaris – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

The future has arrived, and it’s a vampire filled wasteland that Zelina can only somewhat remember. Cursed to live forever, she constantly is forgetting bits of her past. She has only one constant in her life: her love, Reed. But, when the evil sorcerer Bo captures Reed, Zelina needs to find a way to rescue him while teaming up with people she has long forgotten from her past. 

In the conclusion to the Polaris Chronicles, we have abandoned the past, ventured through the present, and have arrived in this apocalyptic future. Like all the stories before it, The Last of Polaris takes a tongue-and-cheek approach to the fantasy elements, positioning Bo as a wicked leader who just is evil for the fun of it. The story itself has come full circle though: the immortal princess, the first vampire, and her King-Brother come together again for one last fight. 

To my happiness and surprise, the story shows how much thousands of years can change people…and people who might have once loved each other may no longer actually be “in love”. This was a nice change of pace from the idea of soulmates and unbreakable bonds. Instead, the star-crossed lovers who started this whole wild adventure thousands of years prior hold no distaste over one and other, nor some realistic ideal about their future, and move on. Thus, they come together as a family…almost as siblings…to fight evil and hopefully succeed.  Sometimes, the happy ending you dream of isn’t the one you end up receiving.

I do think the middle book was the strongest in this series, perhaps because it planted real-life elements with Polaris in tow. This third and final book I think needed just a little bit more page time so we could see how the world developed with Bo in charge. It moves fast, from Zelina hiding with Reed, to Daniel reemerging from the water, to the final battle that happens almost in the blink of an eye. This might have all been done with purpose, and while I am picky about the pacing of the book, for the most part, the author uses this fast-pace to their benefit.

The Polaris Chronicles was an endearing, fast paced series that takes through thousands of years at such a rapid pace. I think it will stick with me for awhile…and I cannot wait to see what Violet Schofield puts out next! 

What’s it about?

A group of miscellaneous rebels must work together to save the human race from a vampire-ruled dystopia. Will they succeed? Well, it is the last book in the series…so…fingers crossed!

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