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The Last of Polaris – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

The future has arrived, and it’s a vampire filled wasteland that Zelina can only somewhat remember. Cursed to live forever, she constantly is forgetting bits of her past. She has only one constant in her life: her love, Reed. But, when the evil sorcerer Bo captures Reed, Zelina needs to find a way to rescue him while teaming up with people she has long forgotten from her past. 

In the conclusion to the Polaris Chronicles, we have abandoned the past, ventured through the present, and have arrived in this apocalyptic future. Like all the stories before it, The Last of Polaris takes a tongue-and-cheek approach to the fantasy elements, positioning Bo as a wicked leader who just is evil for the fun of it. The story itself has come full circle though: the immortal princess, the first vampire, and her King-Brother come together again for one last fight. 

To my happiness and surprise, the story shows how much thousands of years can change people…and people who might have once loved each other may no longer actually be “in love”. This was a nice change of pace from the idea of soulmates and unbreakable bonds. Instead, the star-crossed lovers who started this whole wild adventure thousands of years prior hold no distaste over one and other, nor some realistic ideal about their future, and move on. Thus, they come together as a family…almost as siblings…to fight evil and hopefully succeed.  Sometimes, the happy ending you dream of isn’t the one you end up receiving.

I do think the middle book was the strongest in this series, perhaps because it planted real-life elements with Polaris in tow. This third and final book I think needed just a little bit more page time so we could see how the world developed with Bo in charge. It moves fast, from Zelina hiding with Reed, to Daniel reemerging from the water, to the final battle that happens almost in the blink of an eye. This might have all been done with purpose, and while I am picky about the pacing of the book, for the most part, the author uses this fast-pace to their benefit.

The Polaris Chronicles was an endearing, fast paced series that takes through thousands of years at such a rapid pace. I think it will stick with me for awhile…and I cannot wait to see what Violet Schofield puts out next! 

What’s it about?

A group of miscellaneous rebels must work together to save the human race from a vampire-ruled dystopia. Will they succeed? Well, it is the last book in the series…so…fingers crossed!

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Bo Gunnar Wants to Rule the World – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★★ (4.75 / 5 stars)

When Zelina’s Aunt Sienna dies, she is whisked away to Los Angeles from the Australian Outback to deliver a package to the Wilson family. But the Wilson family isn’t who they seem: they protect a secret that haunts Zelina’s past. Why can’t she remember who she is? Where did she come from? And why does Bo Gunnar want to rule the world? I guess we’ll see!

In the sequel to The Curse of the Amaranth , we pick up one thousand years after Daniel is locked away in the underworld and Zelina is cursed with immortality. Zelina no longer remembers who she is; she constantly has flashes to events that took place long ago, things that she should not have seen in her eighteen years. But, much to her surprise, it is all true. 

This amnesia affect worked really well for Zelina’s character. It gave us a chance to delve into the world of Polaris with fresh eyes. While there is some exposition to fill Zelina in on the details, for the most part the plot moves at a rapid, but satisfactory pace. I loved the way that Polaris is just a historical element of our own world, knitted in with our lore of vampires and immortality. Instead of being transported to a brand new world, we get to explore Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon through the eyes of Zelina and Bo. All these little elements made it for a fun ride that proved just as exciting, although quite different, from the first book! 

My one little tiny hang up (and hence why I rate this book 4.75 stars) is because I wish there was more! I would have loved a chance to get to know the Wilson Family, or see how Bo and Zelina adapted to the modern world. Unfortunately due to the length of the book, we are left using our imaginations. 

Either way, I cannot WAIT to pick up the final book in the series, The Last of Polaris. Will they succeed? Will Zelina and Daniel finally reunite? Or will Bo finally rule the world? I guess, in the words of Bo Gunnar himself…”We’ll see!” 

What’s it about?

A family of vampire hunters and an immortal Princess must stop a sadistic rock star who is hell bent on taking over the world. Will they succeed? Probably not!

Book Review

The Curse of the Amaranth – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

It sounds like a joke: a princess, a prince, and a wizard embark on a quest to save on a prince…only to unleash vampires upon the entire world. But this story is not a joke; this is the story of Zelina, Kerr, Daniel, Walker, and a malicious sorcerer named Bo. Can the crew stop the sorcerer? Or will this bring about the end of the world?


In a fast-paced story that takes us to Polaris, we are whisked away in an adventure that seems simple: find the Amaranth, free Daniel, defeat Bo, and live happily ever after. But as the layers of the story unfold, leading to one misfortune after the next, we discover that defeating this sorcerer will be much more difficult than we can imagine.

Some parts of the voyage are adorably tongue-in-cheek, with characters exclaiming lines such as “we’ll see!” or “maybe!” to straight forward questions. Bo is malicious, but amusing; Zelina is kind, but fierce; and the rest of the cast each has their flaws while showing a comparable positive trait. This is the charm of the story.

The only downside to the novel is the length. While Violet Schofield does a good job at keeping the pacing on point throughout the novel (better than some other authors I have read), I do wish we had a chance to experience more of the voyage. We are passed from one point to another, meeting characters along the way (each unique in their own right too), but never get a chance to just sit and experience the world.

That being said, Schofield still paints a wonderful picture of Polaris and the characters, despite the length. That in itself deserves a kudos, since not every author is able to do that.

With a cliffhanger finale that leaves us with the statement “we’ll see!”, I can’t wait to pick up the next book in the series! Will Bo succeed in his quest for domination? What about the curse placed on Zelina? Who is going to be successful?

I guess we’ll see!

What’s it about?

A perfect Princess, a fun-loving Prince and an anxious wizard must go on a quest to save a knight in shining armour. Will they succeed? Probably Not!