Ms. Infinity: Infinite Moon – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

Ms. Infinity: superhero extraordinaire! She can take down anyone, no matter how strong…but sometimes there are some foes too strong for even Ms. Infinity! When Ellen Wahia starts as a cashier at the Big Box Store, Bonnie Boring (aka Ms. Infinity) knows something is wrong. But is she being a little too suspicious? And will her friends believe her before it’s too late?

Once again, Ms. Infinity takes us into the impossible. A quirky young woman who will resonate with many audiences, Bonnie Boring is the epitome taking usual super hero tropes blessed on characters like Superman, and twisting them. She’s all powerful, sure, but she is also in her head. She is no where without her friends, which is a valuable lesson for anyone who wants to be a hero.

Andrew Kirschner continues to polish his craft with this third installment of Ms. Infinity. While I am reading all of these out of order, with the titular title, Ms. Infinity: Earth’s Greatest Hero still on my short TBR list, I can see how Kirschner has grown as a writer. Infinite Moon is just the right length for this superhero tale: we get a glimpse into Bonnie and her relationships, without sacrificing her (well-written) battle scenes with the werewolf. Yes, the story ends on an expected note, as all super hero stories do, but it provides commentary about the obsession of power, the importance of consent, the value of teamwork, and the strength of forgiveness.

The story reads like a comic book. I could picture it easily in my mind, and visualize the scene shifts as they would appear on the page. This does impact some of the prose and writing, but not enough to take away from the wonders of Ms. Infinity.

Will I be picking up the next installment of Ms. Infinity? Absolutely! She is the type of hero that we all need: her imperfections make her powerful. I am sure we will see her grow in her coming battles.

What’s it about?

The mega-powered Ms. Infinity has never met a villain she couldn’t beat, until today.

In her day job as Bonnie Boring, she meets a cashier who changes into a horrifying werewolf, and it’s a job for Ms. Infinity! But the superhero is in over her head. Before she knows it, the werewolf has turned her own power against her, and Earth’s Greatest Hero has become the lycan’s super-powered slave.

Presenting an update of classic superheroes. The third Ms. Infinity adventure is full of thrills, action and humor, and the most unforgettable villain yet!

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