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Ms. Infinity: Earth’s Greatest Hero – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.25 / 5 stars)

“Never forget the power you have inside you!”

Ms. Infinity is Earth’s Greatest Hero. Whenever there is trouble, she is there. Many fantasize about who she is, where she came from, and why she saves the day, including Hal Holstein. But what Hal doesn’t expect is for Ms. Infinity to be Bonnie Boring, his crush from the Big Box Store. Ms. Infinity takes him up to her starship, where soon Hal learns about Ms. Infinity’s secrets, as well as the darkest corners of her past. Are the two of them ready to tackle a relationship when Misery is afoot? Can they overcome the balance between a regular human and a super hero? And in the end, who will really save the day?

Ms. Infinity is a hero we all need; she is brash, bold, commanding, and most importantly, good. While her hubris gets the best of her at times, it makes her all the more human. It’s not her powers that make her weak, but who she is, and the readers are along for her journey in discovering her true power. It’s not about these otherworldly abilities that are equal to Superman or Wonderwoman. If anything, she is a caricature of heroes; she is noble like them, but also just a person trying to make due in the world. So much of this is important when reading and watching super heroes. Let us see their flaws.

Despite the story being about Ms. Infinity, I was really drawn to the side plot with Lisa Lin – Bonnie’s best friend and coworker. This side plot shows how everyone has a hero inside of them; while Lisa’s heroic duty was taking down a sexist and abusive manager at the Big Box Store, it is an act that we can all applaud and relate towards in the modern world. In some ways, Lisa represents the more traditional hero in her outlook. It isn’t about pizazz, but about justice.

I’ve already read Ms. Infinity: Where Infinity Begins and Ms. Infinity: Infinite Moon, and I feel that this story, which is the first written in the series, is probably the weakest. I would not discredit it though. In fact, I implore you to check out one of Ms. Infinity’s other adventures first. Andrew Kirschner has just gotten better with each story, ironing out the characters and strengthening his craft. In this first book, the dialogue is a bit clunky, and having not read Where Infinity Begins, I might have been a bit lost.

But Ms. Infinity is still infinitely amazing! She’s a hero everyone can look up to, not just for her heroism, but also for her humanity. So if you want a fun read, that’s a little “tongue-in-cheek”, check out one of Ms. Infinity’s adventures.

And I cannot wait for the next edition in her quest for good.

What’s it about?

Join Earth’s greatest hero on the adventure of a lifetime! In her daily life she’s Bonnie Boring, the petite, smart-mouthed customer service girl at The Big Box in Queens, where she laughs it up with her best friend Lisa Lin, and falls all over herself around her work crush, “Handsome” Hal Holstein. Yet she is secretly an alien refugee from a distant world, possessing many awesome powers. For years, at the insistence of her mother, she has hidden her true self. Now she is at last coming forward, in her new alter ego as the superhero Ms. Infinity. But now Bonnie’s past is haunting her, as a frightening villain from her despotic native world attacks the Earth. Bonnie is about to fly off to face her when Hal walks in on her transformation. With little time to think, she decides to bring him along, and he rides with her in her fantastic Starship Infinity. But dangers await that even Ms. Infinity is ill-prepared for. If she is to save the Earth, she will have to do the impossible. All the while, she confronts uncomfortable secrets from her past, and warms up to a budding romance. Ms. Infinity combines superhero adventure and science fiction with romance, humor, and a dash of social commentary. All this is tied together with an accessible writing style that is friendly to young adults but fun for all readers.

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Ms. Infinity: Infinite Moon – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

Ms. Infinity: superhero extraordinaire! She can take down anyone, no matter how strong…but sometimes there are some foes too strong for even Ms. Infinity! When Ellen Wahia starts as a cashier at the Big Box Store, Bonnie Boring (aka Ms. Infinity) knows something is wrong. But is she being a little too suspicious? And will her friends believe her before it’s too late?

Once again, Ms. Infinity takes us into the impossible. A quirky young woman who will resonate with many audiences, Bonnie Boring is the epitome taking usual super hero tropes blessed on characters like Superman, and twisting them. She’s all powerful, sure, but she is also in her head. She is no where without her friends, which is a valuable lesson for anyone who wants to be a hero.

Andrew Kirschner continues to polish his craft with this third installment of Ms. Infinity. While I am reading all of these out of order, with the titular title, Ms. Infinity: Earth’s Greatest Hero still on my short TBR list, I can see how Kirschner has grown as a writer. Infinite Moon is just the right length for this superhero tale: we get a glimpse into Bonnie and her relationships, without sacrificing her (well-written) battle scenes with the werewolf. Yes, the story ends on an expected note, as all super hero stories do, but it provides commentary about the obsession of power, the importance of consent, the value of teamwork, and the strength of forgiveness.

The story reads like a comic book. I could picture it easily in my mind, and visualize the scene shifts as they would appear on the page. This does impact some of the prose and writing, but not enough to take away from the wonders of Ms. Infinity.

Will I be picking up the next installment of Ms. Infinity? Absolutely! She is the type of hero that we all need: her imperfections make her powerful. I am sure we will see her grow in her coming battles.

What’s it about?

The mega-powered Ms. Infinity has never met a villain she couldn’t beat, until today.

In her day job as Bonnie Boring, she meets a cashier who changes into a horrifying werewolf, and it’s a job for Ms. Infinity! But the superhero is in over her head. Before she knows it, the werewolf has turned her own power against her, and Earth’s Greatest Hero has become the lycan’s super-powered slave.

Presenting an update of classic superheroes. The third Ms. Infinity adventure is full of thrills, action and humor, and the most unforgettable villain yet!

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Ms. Infinity: Where Infinity Begins – Book Review

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5/5 stars)

No one has as much infinite power as Ms. Infinity. She is the equivalent to superman, yet rather than being hindered by kryptonite, she is instead hindered by her own stubbornness, inexperience, and pride. Kirschner introduces Ms. Infinity to us – A.K.A. Bonnie Boring – through an origin story controlled solely by Ms. Infinity’s own cunning and guile, than by pure accident and luck.

It is rare to see a female character as strong as Ms. Infinity. She has everything that superman has, and more, addressing issues of injustice and sexism along the way. But she is not the only super hero in the story. We’re introduced to the average superheroes of the world to, through Lisa Lin, Hal Holstein, and Jenna Storm. In this story, Kirschner does not only tell the tale of a super human…but of humans who are also super.

Ms. Infinity, especially under her alterego of Bonnie, has a strong personality: she is stubborn, but kind; smart, but not wise; a superhero, but vulnerable. Yet, while the characterization of Ms. Infinity is amazing, the rest of the characters fall a bit more flat. Yet, perhaps, that’s the essence of a superhero based story: all the focus is on the heroes, while the side cast is there as support and not much else.

Throughout the book there were some novice grammatical errors that could have been avoided, but they do not take away from the overall story. The story, as a whole, was relatively predictable, but you don’t typically go into a super hero story expecting a twist. The characters, with names like Bonnie Boring, Betty Boring, Lisa Lin, Hal Holstein, Jenna Storm, and Johnny Gunn are suited for a comic book, with similar scenes to follow.

In times like today, sheltering in place under a pandemic, I think we all need a little bit of Ms. Infinity.

I look forward to picking up the next book in the series Ms Infinity: Earth’s Greatest Hero in the near future.

And don’t forget the power that’s inside you.

What’s it about?

Twenty-four years old with no direction in life, she spends her days as a cashier at The Big Box in Queens with her best friend, Lisa Lin. But there is more to her than meets the eye. She and her mother are really super-powered alien refugees from a distant planet. For years, her mother has made her hide her powers, insisting that they live as ordinary humans. But now, America is falling under the influence of the tyrannical billionaire Johnny Gunn. As freedoms begin to slip away, Bonnie decides it’s time to act. After painstakingly getting her mother’s blessing, she creates a new alter-ego as the superhero Ms. Infinity. Her first appearance, saving a school bus from a deadly accident, causes a stir all over New York. Yet as soon as she appears on the scene, she is verbally attacked by Gunn, and her identity pursued by a reporter. Meanwhile, her double life creates tension with Lisa.

Gunn ruthlessly spreads his influence over all of America, and will soon take shocking measures to become its sole ruler. Only Ms. Infinity can stop him, but he is also determined to destroy her. And he might just have the weapons to do it.

Presenting a youthful update on classic superheroes, Where Infinity Begins mixes science fiction with humor and social satire, and a female lead with power, sass, and personality.