Amending My Review System

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I average a 3 to 4 star review on most books. I really do reserve 5 stars for the absolute best and 1 stars for irredeemable stories. This is not changing.

However, with my average review being 3.5 stars, I have decided to amend how these reviews appear on Goodreads and Amazon.

Starting this year, 2022, any book that is rated 3.5 stars will be rounded up to 4 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. For the past few years, since I started actively reviewing books, I rounded these down to three stars. While I personally still consider 3 stars a decent review, I know not everyone feels this way.

I feel that, especially since I am featuring 50 small authors this year, that rounding up is more fair to ALL authors – whether big, small, or in between. While I will still mention in my reviews that I am rating the book 3.5 stars (which has always been the case), increasing the rating to 4 stars on these websites will provide a more honest review to how I felt: I enjoyed it – just there were things I also didn’t enjoy.

Hopefully this makes sense and will further support authors in their endeavors. One thing I want to do is help small authors shine…because really, we’re all in this together.

For reference, my review system is as followed:

This book is absolutely spectacular. I could not find any flaws in it and will be thinking about it for years! Everyone should add this to their shelves!

This book was great! I really enjoyed it despite a few minor things. Definitely recommend this book!

This book was good. I enjoyed it and definitely think others will as well. There were some issues that prevent me from rating it higher though.

While this book wasn’t necessarily the greatest book and there were some pitfalls in it, it definitely has its merits and I can see why people should check it out. Don’t let my review sway you from not taking a look.

Very rarely do I give 1 star reviews. These are typically reserved for books that I find completely and utterly irredeemable. This is rare.

☆☆☆☆☆ (DNFs)
I won’t rate a DNF unless I make it half-way through the book. If I do not reach that point, I will still leave a review WITHOUT a star rating explaining why I did not finish the book. I do not think I can give an honest opinion on a book unless I reach that 50% mark.

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