Nebula Andra: Synchronicity Abyss – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆  (3.5 / 5 stars)

 Anya has always had a psychic connection with her friend, Raymond. But, she doesn’t know anything about him other than his name: not the way he looks, not where he is located, nothing. So when Raymond cuts off contact with Anya, she leaves home with only his name and heirlooms from her family. But, along the way, as she meets friends old and new, she discovers the how deeply entwined her destiny might be with the Dark Lord Kyros…and the future of her world. 

Enter Messier Andra and the world of Wasp Garafia and venture with Anya as she travels with Evalyn, Edwin, Zain, and the others she meets along the way in her pursuit of  her friend Raymond. I loved the magic in this: combined with astrology, we each “nebula” grants its user a different power. Anya is a skilled Cancer – mastering the Nebula of Sound with her music. But you have ones who can control time with Virgo, or Leo with Light, and more! This was a great way at defining the magic, and in this element of world building, I have to give the story kudos. 

The middle of the book sagged for me though – primarily due to pacing. The beginning and end move slower, focusing on Anya’s start of the quest and the competition at the end. To me though, it felt like the middle the book moved at a very alarming pace, introducing us to new characters and perspectives, just to get us to the competition at the end. If we were given a chance to sit with these characters more, and the adventures that ensue, I think the middle would have thrived more. 

Yet, despite the uneven pacing, the characters pop and the magic in this world is phenomenal! I personally think I would love to have Virgo, the Nebula of Time. The way each character has control of their nebula, and how it influences their decisions and power, is remarkable. Really, I’m just greedy, and wanted to see *more*. 

That being said, I am definitely going to check out the sequel in the near future to see what Anya does next. Will she stick by Ray’s side now that she knows his secrets? Will her friendship with Edwin remain in tact? What about with Zain? And will Evalyn save her brother? There are so many questions that I hope will be answered in the next book…especially with the reveal at the end! 

What’s it about?

The first of an epic fantasy series that takes you into a world that mixes magic with astrology. Anya Ciran sets out across a country torn by a dark lord in order to find a friend she’s only met through telepathy. But how will she find him when all she knows is the name that she gave him–Raymond?

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