Werewolf Nights – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5 / 5 stars) Catherine Mercy is just trying to survive; not from werewolves, of course, but from financial destitution and keeping herself afloat. She still has not recovered from her husband, Frank’s, supposed death, leaving her in financial ruin. All she has is her bakery and two good friends, Anne and Steve.Continue reading “Werewolf Nights – Book Review”

Feature Friday: Mari Hamill

Today I am featuring Mari Hamill, author of Werewolf Nights. Mari Hamill is a comic book retailer, an avid reader, and a movie fan who loves being immersed in fantasy. Currently, Mari is working on her next novel. The first thing she plans to do once the lock down ends will be going to theContinue reading “Feature Friday: Mari Hamill”