The Color Plague – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★★ (4.75/5 stars) Iria finally has the life she was destined: at last, she is living in the palace with her sister, Helena, and is finally a true princess. But that doesn’t make her happy. She feels alone, misunderstood, and like a stain on the palace culture. On top of that, an impending plagueContinue reading “The Color Plague – Book Review”

Feature Friday: Emily Poirier

Today I am excited to feature author Emily Poirier, author of Vampires Don’t Need an Invitation & The Color Thief! I read her book, The Color Thief, a month ago and it was a wonderful story I encourage you to check out! I’ll be providing a review for the sequel, The Color Plague, sometime laterContinue reading “Feature Friday: Emily Poirier”