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A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Avalon Roselin

Today we are talking with Avalon Roselin about her creative process. Avalon Roselin is the author of Stellar Eclipse, Like Falling Stars, and ALiCE.

About Author

As an independent author, Avalon Roselin’s goal is to explore as many different genres as she can. Her focus right now is on an urban fantasy/thriller-mystery series, and her plans for future books include a magical school story, an animal fiction drama, and a sci-fi romance with robot characters. She hopes to have a wide range of stories under my belt eventually!

So let’s get into the questions!

First, tell us about your book!

My most recent release is the second book in the Stellar Eclipse series, Dark Lightning! This sequel builds on the relationships founded in the first, and introduces more elements of fantasy-adventure as they journey into new environments that expand on the lore and world of the Stellar Eclipse series.

How did you come up with this idea? What inspired you?

I’ve always loved camping! As a child, my family would take me camping at least once a year, and I’ve been in love with the outdoors ever since. In fact, the very first rough draft of Dark Lightning was completed on a camping trip! The first book in the Stellar Eclipse series, Cloudless Rain, takes place almost exclusively in an urban setting, so I wanted to explore beyond the city limits and introduce the readers to more of the natural world that the series is set in.

Tell us a little bit about your main character(s). Were you inspired by anyone particular when writing them?

All of my characters carry some of myself within them. For example, Eureka’s fear of heights–that’s all me. I can’t even climb up a ladder at a playground without freezing up, so it was cathartic to express that fear through him having to climb trees that are multiple stories tall!

What about your setting? What inspired you to choose where the story took place?

Despite my aforementioned fear of heights, I’ve always been fascinated by giant trees and the idea of living in them. I took many trips to the redwood forests during my childhood, and I think it was here that my desire to write a story where a society of people live in such massive trees began!

Obviously, stories change from their initial inception. How has your story changed while working on it?

Dark Lightning is actually an older story despite being a sequel, so it had to change a lot as its predecessor did. One of the biggest changes was shifting the setting–originally, the main characters passed through the forest on the way to the mountains, where the second and third acts took place. In the final version, they stay in the forest, which allows the story to move forward with the plot much faster and gives more time to develop characters that will return in future installments!

What is your writing process like?

I start with outlining and planning, then draft and redraft as many times as I feel is necessary, until I think I’m ready to show my work to people. After that the unfinished manuscript is shown to beta readers to get feedback on the story, and I make adjustments and general improvements as needed. Next it goes to my content editor, who goes into more depth of which specific details or plot points should be altered to tell the story I really want to tell. I revise again, then go over the semi-final draft with my line editor. Once everything’s set, I send it off to my proofreader, and then it’s ready for publication! Dark Lightning finished this process in the shortest amount of time (just under two years), but I anticipate the next book will take 2-3 years.

What part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?

I actually love the editing process. Seeing my story become its best self is a beautiful and wonderful thing, and even if it’s hard, it’s always rewarding and I learn something new about how to write better.

What was the most difficult part in writing your book? How did you overcome it?

Committing to major changes is always difficult. There’s always a sense of doubt, and I tend to question my judgment quite a bit, but thankfully my critique partners and editors are usually available to talk it through and, usually, they’re good changes.

Now let’s talk personal inspiration: did anyone or anything inspire you to be a writer?

I always loved writing as a hobby when I was a kid, but it was a particularly spirited discussion on The Giver in middle school that inspired me to take it seriously!

Finally, do you have any words of inspiration or tips to new authors?

Never let the fear of writing something that’s not “good” stop you! All writing has worth as practice, and you never know what ideas you might reuse later.

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Feature Friday: Avalon Roselin

Today I am excited to feature author Avalon Roselin, author of the Stellar Eclipse series as well as an array of other books. I’ve had the opportunity to read all of Avalon’s works…and I definitely recommend you check them out! You can read my reviews here.

As an independent author, Avalon Roselin’s goal is to explore as many different genres a shecan! Her focus right now is on an urban fantasy/thriller-mystery series, and herplans for future books include a magical school story, an animal fiction drama, and a sci-fi romance with robot characters. She hopes to have a wide range of stories under her belt eventually!

Why did you choose indie publishing?

After reviewing my publication options, going indie made the most sense to me. I’m a bit of a control freak, especially when it comes to cover design/illustrations. My books also tend to blur genre lines, and while this certainly isn’t unheard of in the world of traditional publishing, it would make marketing my book harder for a traditional publishing house. I figured I might as well save everyone the headache and do it myself!

Are you working on any projects at the moment?

My current project is the Stellar Eclipse series. Originally we planned to have four “main series” books, but after recent discussions we’ve cut that down to three. I was going to take a break from the series after Dark Lightning comes out–so, release the first two books, take a break, then release the last two–but since we’ve rearranged some things, I’ll be finishing the main trilogy before I work on anything else. Since Dark Lightning ends on a major cliffhanger, I think this is definitely best for fans of the series too. Getting to make decisions like this for myself is another big reason why I love being an indie author!

What is your writing routine like?

Day to day, my writing routine starts in the evening, after I’ve taken care of all my chores and other work for the day. I listen to music to pump myself up before I sit down to write, then try to get at least 500 words out. I use my bullet journal to track my ideas, word counts, and any writing I’m especially proud of. That last piece is very important to my process–reflecting on my work and highlighting what I liked about it that day leaves me with positive feelings toward writing that make it easier to come back and do it again the next day!

If you could give one piece of advise to your past-self about writing, what would it be?

Give yourself permission to “write it wrong.” Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a scene and realize it’s not going to work for the story, but I’ll finish the scene anyway just to get it out there, then cut and paste it to a separate file. Even if the scene doesn’t make it into the book, I still count it toward my word count goal and consider it a win. Sometimes the only way to find out what’s going to work is to write the wrong thing first. All writing is valuable in its own way.

Any shout outs?

I would be absolutely nothing without my team! This team consists of my creative consultant/illustrator R. Hamlin, content editor J. Rudolph, and line editor J. Smith. They do so much to help each and every book I write be the best it can be, and their feedback often leads me to further realizations on how I can improve as a writer. I’m very grateful for all their hard work!

And remember, Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning comes out TOMORROW!

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Christopher Robinson didn’t deserve what happened to him.  Then again, almost no one does…

Christopher was a simple man with a simple goal: to make sure his charges at Woodrow Children’s Asylum were as healthy and happy as possible.  Not an easy task, and running out of medicine on the stormiest night of the year didn’t make it any easier.

The car accident made it impossible.

Now stranded on a nearly-deserted island with no clue as to how or why he and one of his patients were brought there, Christopher’s goal has changed: get the child and himself out of Wonderland.  Faced with the cruel inhabitants of the island and his own dwindling sanity, Christopher must find a way to escape before he becomes a victim of one of the island’s many lunatics… or joins them.

Once Upon a Time, there was an Amnesiac and a Faerie Prince…

All Ann wanted was to go home; all Nicolas wanted was to be left alone. However, when Ann woke up in the woods with no memory of her past, fate brought them together—and friendship soon bound them to each other.

Facing their uncertainties about the future side-by-side, their desires become less clear. There is no guarantee that Ann will like the person she used to be, and Nicolas may never see her again if he lets her go. Even in fairy tales, happy endings are not easy to come by. Ann and Nicolas will have to decide how much their friendship is worth if they want a true Happily Ever After.

Stellar Eclipse: Cloudless Rain

Murder is no unusual phenomenon in Marina Delta, a fact former investigators Baltan and Eureka know all too well. But when Eureka brings home a wounded child bearing the mark of an infamous serial killer they put behind bars fifteen years ago, it’s clear that this is no ordinary crime.

Baltan thought his days as a detective were done, and taking on the case will mean dealing with a demon they both would rather leave behind. However, with a bloodthirsty cult mobilizing again, a child with no past in their custody, and only days to stop the most devastating tragedy of their time, taking action is their only choice.

Caught between family, duty, life, and death, Baltan and Eureka will have to decide what they’re willing to sacrifice—and who they’re willing to sacrifice for.

Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning

An unexpected journey into the wilderness can test even the strongest bonds…

Nearly a year has passed since the slaughterhouse raid. Eureka should be happy now that he and Baltan are Azzie and Lleuwellyn’s legal guardians, but he can’t shake the feeling that a storm waits on the horizon.

When Eureka’s brother arrives with news that Kwoltan Gera was attacked and asks for help, Eureka knows he can’t turn away–especially after the search for their missing tribe leads them to a reclusive Azure village where trust is hard to come by and war looms overhead.

Old grudges and past failures follow close, and they may have deadly consequences for Eureka’s family.

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E.S. Barrison