Feature Friday: Avalon Roselin

Today I am excited to feature author Avalon Roselin, author of the Stellar Eclipse series as well as an array of other books. I’ve had the opportunity to read all of Avalon’s works…and I definitely recommend you check them out! You can read my reviews here. As an independent author, Avalon Roselin’s goal is toContinue reading “Feature Friday: Avalon Roselin”

Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5 stars) A year after Selkess threatened to upend their family, Eureka, Baltan, Azzie, and Llewellyn are trying to make the best of their new lives. But, trauma and fear have left the small family shaken, with an unrelenting fear that danger is on the horizon. That fear is justified when Eureka’s brother,Continue reading “Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning – Book Review”