Tuppence: A Fairy-Tale Retelling – Beta Readers Wanted

Introducing Tuppence: A Fairy-Tale Retelling. I started writing Tuppence back in October, and after a couple drafts, it is just about ready to be passed out to beta readers!  With a word count of approximately 12K (50 pages), the goal is to release this short-story sometime this coming spring!  But, before I hire an editorContinue reading “Tuppence: A Fairy-Tale Retelling – Beta Readers Wanted”

Insights: My Beta Reading Experience

It has been a bit since I posted an update, but I have needed some time to put together this next post about the terrifying topic of Beta Reading! Now what is beta reading?Beta Reading is when an author reaches out to potential readers and get their feedback on the unpublished story. This is differentContinue reading “Insights: My Beta Reading Experience”