New Project: Speak Easy – A Novel by E.S. Barrison

Status: Draft 2 Estimated Word Count: 50,000 This story is rated age 16+ for language and sexual situations. About Nanette never had any intentions of moving away from Stilette, but after her father dies she hops on a caravan to join her sister Elodie in the Capitol Rosada. But Rosada isn’t like her home. PeopleContinue reading “New Project: Speak Easy – A Novel by E.S. Barrison”

ARC Readers Wanted

Hi everyone! Have you ever wanted to read a book before it’s available to the public? Do YOU enjoy writing reviews and talking with your friends about books? Well I have an opportunity for you! I’m looking to distribute some Advance Reader Copies (both physical and ebooks) of The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice to those eligible.Continue reading “ARC Readers Wanted”