Insights: How I Review Books & What My Ratings Mean

With how much I am reading this year, I am sure some of you have seen me post reviews on Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads…as well as my own blog. Everyone has different criteria for how they rate books and how they perceive the ratings. ⁠ So some you upon seeing my reviews, may wonder howContinue reading “Insights: How I Review Books & What My Ratings Mean”

13 Year Anniversary Celebration: Authors Wanted!

Hi everyone! So let me take you back to October 2007. I was in Eight Grade, tasked with writing a horror/suspense story for Halloween. This story, titled “Red Ink”, became the starting point for what would be years of work on my debut novel The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice. I want to celebrate 13 years ofContinue reading “13 Year Anniversary Celebration: Authors Wanted!”

Do YOU Want to Help Indie Authors?

What if there was a week, or maybe a month, that focused entirely on the community coming together and supporting each other? While yes, we’re already a very supportive community, I mean something like this: we host giveaways, interviews, contests, webinars and how-tos, connect readers with reviewers, and other such fun things! Think of itContinue reading “Do YOU Want to Help Indie Authors?”

Insights: Why It’s Okay to Write About Dark Topics…and why I Edited a Scene Post-Publication

I’ve debated this post for awhile, as well the decision I ended up making. In our current culture, there many sensitive topics. Which is good. We need to have conversations about these topics. But, it does leave creators with uncertainty: is it okay to write about sexism? What about violence or assault? Do I haveContinue reading “Insights: Why It’s Okay to Write About Dark Topics…and why I Edited a Scene Post-Publication”

Feature Friday: Avalon Roselin

Today I am excited to feature author Avalon Roselin, author of the Stellar Eclipse series as well as an array of other books. I’ve had the opportunity to read all of Avalon’s works…and I definitely recommend you check them out! You can read my reviews here. As an independent author, Avalon Roselin’s goal is toContinue reading “Feature Friday: Avalon Roselin”

Feature Friday: Emily Poirier

Today I am excited to feature author Emily Poirier, author of Vampires Don’t Need an Invitation & The Color Thief! I read her book, The Color Thief, a month ago and it was a wonderful story I encourage you to check out! I’ll be providing a review for the sequel, The Color Plague, sometime laterContinue reading “Feature Friday: Emily Poirier”

Now Accepting: Submissions for August Book Reviews

As an Indie Author, I know how crucial it is for readers to obtain book reviews. That’s why I am opening myself up to reviewing books regularly by independent authors. If you are interested, please check out my review policy below. I am currently accepting submissions for books to review in August 2020 and beyond.Continue reading “Now Accepting: Submissions for August Book Reviews”

Feature Friday: Nikki Mitchell

Today I am excited to feature middle-grade author Nikki Mitchell, author of Nightshade Forest! Her book releases TOMORROW, June 20th. You can read my ARC review here! Definitely worth the read…and kids will love it! Meet Nikki. She is a stay-at-home homeschooling mama of Evelyn (6) and Everett (4) and married to her college sweetheart.Continue reading “Feature Friday: Nikki Mitchell”

Surprise Feature: Lane Northcutt

Technology is terrible isn’t it? On June 12th, 2020, I had a wonderful interview with Author Lane Northcutt that I was so excited to share with everyone. Only to have Instagram to crash the moment the interview ended. And for me to lose the entire video. I didn’t want to lose our conversation though, soContinue reading “Surprise Feature: Lane Northcutt”