*Cover Reveal* A Pool of Peony

The mist has thickened with a vendetta. A bounty has been offered for answers.⁠⁠And no one’s story is safe.⁠⁠It’s been six months since the Storm of Nightmares and Bria has not gone home. With wanted signs plastered throughout Rosada, she has been stuck chasing the so-called Story Collector throughout the Independent City of Mert. Yet,Continue reading “*Cover Reveal* A Pool of Peony”

The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice: Audiobook Now Available!

Storytelling was outlawed. Magic had all but vanished. That all changed when the woman in black came to town. Branded with the black stamp at a young age, Brent thought he would end up a vagrant like his father. His craft was telling stories, but the Order had long forbidden any weaving of tales. WhenContinue reading “The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice: Audiobook Now Available!”

Help: Cover Text

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know I’m evaluating the book cover of The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice. I love my cover. I won’t be changing the artwork. But, I am evaluating how it appears when someone sees it on websites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc. While I’ve been posting plenty on social media,Continue reading “Help: Cover Text”

Tuppence: A Fairy Tale Retelling – PREORDER NOW

A farmgirl. A goat. ⁠And a song that will change her life.⁠⁠Her whole life, Tuppence has dreamt of leaving the hillside to make a life in the Kingdom. When the King hosts a Grand Ball, she finally sees a way out, only to have her dreams squashed by her bitter mother and two sisters, UmaContinue reading “Tuppence: A Fairy Tale Retelling – PREORDER NOW”

To Hire an Editor or Not…That is the Question

Indie Authors face a challenge when it comes to getting their work out there: do they hire an editor? Many independent authors see the price tag of hiring an editor and back off: is it worth it? After all, as a writer, shouldn’t you already be familiar with sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation?  Each indieContinue reading “To Hire an Editor or Not…That is the Question”

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Editing

 Editing: it’s probably the most important aspect of publishing a book. More than the book cover or sometimes even the story itself, editing can often make or break a good story. Why? Because editing helps polish the story and make it shine. Without editing, a good story could become unreadable, cumbersome, and looked over byContinue reading “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Editing”

Tuppence: A Fairy-Tale Retelling – Beta Readers Wanted

Introducing Tuppence: A Fairy-Tale Retelling. I started writing Tuppence back in October, and after a couple drafts, it is just about ready to be passed out to beta readers!  With a word count of approximately 12K (50 pages), the goal is to release this short-story sometime this coming spring!  But, before I hire an editorContinue reading “Tuppence: A Fairy-Tale Retelling – Beta Readers Wanted”

Did You Know I have a Newsletter?

Hey there! Have you been hanging out around my blog for awhile? Or have you only just popped in? Well did you know I have a newsletter?  This newsletter pops into your inbox between 1-to-3x a month, providing you with details about my upcoming projects, thoughts, and more! But what else? Starting this month, JanuaryContinue reading “Did You Know I have a Newsletter?”

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Self-Publishing – Authors Wanted

One thing is evident: self-publishing is hard. But often times, people only celebrate their successes on social media. This makes sense. Who wants to share their dismal sales numbers or terrible reviews?  Unfortunately though, self-publishing is riddle with obstacles like this.  So I want to throw together a series of blog posts to discuss topicsContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Self-Publishing – Authors Wanted”