A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Lilianne Milgrom

Today we are talking with Lilianne Milgrom about her creative process. Lilianne Milgrom is the author of L’Origine. About Author Paris-born, internationally acclaimed artist LILIANNE MILGROM lives in the greater Washington, DC, area. She exhibits her artwork around the world and is the recipient of multiple awards. Her articles and essays have appeared in theContinue reading “A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Lilianne Milgrom”

A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Jack Salva

Today we are talking with Jack Salva about his creative process. Jack Salva is the author of Dybbuk’s Asylum, Guise, and The Ruination Trilogy. About Author Jack Salva has had a number of different jobs in a number of different cities in a number of different industries giving him a broad range of life experiencesContinue reading “A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Jack Salva”

Feature Friday: Avalon Roselin

Today I am excited to feature author Avalon Roselin, author of the Stellar Eclipse series as well as an array of other books. I’ve had the opportunity to read all of Avalon’s works…and I definitely recommend you check them out! You can read my reviews here. As an independent author, Avalon Roselin’s goal is toContinue reading “Feature Friday: Avalon Roselin”

Feature Friday: Emily Poirier

Today I am excited to feature author Emily Poirier, author of Vampires Don’t Need an Invitation & The Color Thief! I read her book, The Color Thief, a month ago and it was a wonderful story I encourage you to check out! I’ll be providing a review for the sequel, The Color Plague, sometime laterContinue reading “Feature Friday: Emily Poirier”

Feature Friday: Nikki Mitchell

Today I am excited to feature middle-grade author Nikki Mitchell, author of Nightshade Forest! Her book releases TOMORROW, June 20th. You can read my ARC review here! Definitely worth the read…and kids will love it! Meet Nikki. She is a stay-at-home homeschooling mama of Evelyn (6) and Everett (4) and married to her college sweetheart.Continue reading “Feature Friday: Nikki Mitchell”

Surprise Feature: Lane Northcutt

Technology is terrible isn’t it? On June 12th, 2020, I had a wonderful interview with Author Lane Northcutt that I was so excited to share with everyone. Only to have Instagram to crash the moment the interview ended. And for me to lose the entire video. I didn’t want to lose our conversation though, soContinue reading “Surprise Feature: Lane Northcutt”

Feature Friday: Catherine Downen

Today I am featuring Catherine Downen, author of The Markings. Catherine Downen, 22, grew up in a small town in southern IL and went to school at Bradley University. She graduated May 2019 with a degree in mechanical engineer and now works as an engineer in St. Louis! She has always loved to write andContinue reading “Feature Friday: Catherine Downen”

Feature Friday: Emé Savage

Today I am featuring Emé Savage, author of The Genesis Chronicles (Book 1, Book 2). Emé Savage currently lives in Dearborn, MI with her husband of 8 years and two tiny tyrants they call “cats”. She used to run a disability advocacy organization until she was diagnosed with Lupus and fibromyalgia. She published her firstContinue reading “Feature Friday: Emé Savage”

Feature Friday: Mari Hamill

Today I am featuring Mari Hamill, author of Werewolf Nights. Mari Hamill is a comic book retailer, an avid reader, and a movie fan who loves being immersed in fantasy. Currently, Mari is working on her next novel. The first thing she plans to do once the lock down ends will be going to theContinue reading “Feature Friday: Mari Hamill”

Feature Friday: Author Esther T. Jones

Today I am honored to feature Esther T. Jones, Author of Tedenbarr of Have Lath and Thorunn. You can read my review of Tedenbarr of Have Lath here, and be on the look out of my comprehensive ARC review of Thorunn prior to its release date of May 20th! Esther been creating stories since sheContinue reading “Feature Friday: Author Esther T. Jones”