Featured Author: Lane Northcutt

Meet Lane Northcutt, author of Rejected. About Lane Northcutt A Kentucky native, currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and ideal reader, Shannon. Rejected is the sequel to his debut novel, The Delivery Co. and the second in the trilogy. When not writing, Lane is an actor, photographer, and enjoys bouldering at his localContinue reading “Featured Author: Lane Northcutt”

Featured Author: Bri Mooney

Meet Bri Mooney, author of Scorched Feathers. About Bri Mooney Bri Mooney writes dark, and a tad romantic, fantasy novels. Her 5-star debut novel Scorched Feathers takes place on both Earth and Hell. Born in Queens, New York, she is used to the obscure. She now lives amongst the trees in North Carolina. During herContinue reading “Featured Author: Bri Mooney”

Featured Author: Katelyn Young

Meet Katelyn, author of The Vult About Katelyn Young Katelyn Young is the author of The Vult and The Four. Her love of vampires and literature has inspired her writing. Katelyn recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with her degrees in English and Film Studies. When she isn’t writing she is either gluedContinue reading “Featured Author: Katelyn Young”

Featured Author: Raquel Herrera

Meet Raquel Herrera, author of Hunters I: The Mission. About Raquel Herrera Raquel is a 25-year-old student of Classic Philology. She fell in love with books when she was in high school and her literature teacher made her read The Hunger Games for her final test, soon after that she found her passion to writeContinue reading “Featured Author: Raquel Herrera”

Featured Author: R.T. Cole

Meet R.T. Cole, author of Genesis of War (Book One of the Realm of Aeron). About R.T. Cole R.T. Cole is a fiction writer and the author of THE REALM OF AREON series. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and son. He has been a fan of fantasy since the days of Willow,Continue reading “Featured Author: R.T. Cole”

Featured Author: Jesse M. Harvey

Meet Jesse M. Harvey, author of Scythia Protostar (Book One of the Dark Stellar Legacy). About Jesse M. Harvey Jesse M. Harvey debut book is ‘Motherhood at the End of the World.’ She writes many types of fiction, including science fiction, space fantasy, supernatural, thriller and mystery. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’sContinue reading “Featured Author: Jesse M. Harvey”

A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Chloe Gilholy

Today we are talking with Chloe Gilholy about her creative process. Chloe Gilholy is the author of Game of Mass Destruction. About Author Chloe Gilholy was born in Staffordshire and is a healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. She had her first poem published in an anthology when she was eight and hasn’t stopped writing since. SheContinue reading “A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Chloe Gilholy”

A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Valerie Evans

Today we are talking with Valerie Evans about her creative process. Valerie Evans is the author of the Anberlin Chronicles. About Author Valerie Evans has been writing since she was in middle school and started the first book of the Anberlin Chronicles back in 2012. All three parts were published earlier this year in aContinue reading “A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Valerie Evans”

A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Cynthia Vespia

Today we are talking with Cynthia Vespia about her creative process. Cynthia Vespia is the author of Karma, Kobra, and more! About Author So let’s get into the questions! First, tell us about your book! It’s a superhero series called Silke’s Strike Force. Book 1 is Karma. 2 is Kobra. 3 is Kaged and 4Continue reading “A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Cynthia Vespia”

A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with S.W. Raine

Today we are talking with S.W. Raine about her creative process. S.W. Raine is the author of The Techno Mage. About Author Raine is Canadian, born and raised, and constantly moved in between Ontario and Quebec with her military family. She moved to Michigan, USA, in 2004, where she currently still resides with her husbandContinue reading “A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with S.W. Raine”