Hunters I: The Mission – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★  (4 / 5 stars)

In order to become queen, Akane, the Princess of Lear, is sent out on a mission to obtain relics important to her kingdom. With a team of warriors, her groj, and cocky Prince Ashton, she sets out on journey. But with a blue-fired phoenix from a legend following her, more dangers are afoot that she ever imagined…and it may just cost her team their life.

I had so much fun reading this book. Akane is determined, strong, but also a kind leader. Her friendship, especially with Olivia and Alayna, really bring to life her character. On top of that, her relationship with Ashton resonated with me the whole way through. My interest in Ashton grew with Olivia’s interest, from being kind of taken aback by him, to loving him and finding him both amusing and compassionate.

I absolutely loved the concept of the groj as well. Very much reminiscent of familiars or the daemons in His Dark Materials, I adored the twist that the author put on these creatures. They are not limited to just one standard animal; they can transform to the needs of their humans. Throughout the story, unique mythical creatures continue to dot the tale as well, adding more layers to an already well thought world. This includes the blue fire phoenix, the white humming birds, and so much more.

All of these, including that cliff hanger ending, made this a fantastic tale.

Despite how much I enjoyed the story, the ending – considering how dramatic and heart wrenching it was – felt slightly off in pace. I wanted to sit with it a little longer…but that might just be a personal taste. I had to reread the last chapter once just to make sure I got everything right.

Also, a small hang up for me, was the number of characters whose names started with “A”. After awhile, I was able to differ between all of them, but between Akane, Ashton, Axah, Ayek, Alayna, and Abner…at the beginning I definitely got a little confused. In the end, it didn’t completely remove me from the tale, but with so many important characters starting with “A”, it was a little difficult at first.

While there were a few editing errors in the story, after talking with the author, I know that she personally translates everything from Spanish…so I think these errors are permissible, and I really don’t think they hinder the tale at all.

Ultimately, I cannot wait for book 2 to be translated into English. If it was available now, I would be picking it up…as I absolute adore Akane and Ashton, and I cannot wait to see how the legend of the blue phoenix unfolds.

What’s it about?

Trained to be a warrior, Akane, Princess of Lear, must complete a special mission, to become queen after her initiation ceremony.

Stubborn and impulsive, she will stumble upon Ashton, a carefree and bold Prince, who has never committed to anything until he meets her. Leaving behind the comfort of his castle to go with her and together travel Quheco’s woods, facing unimaginable dangers and trusting unknown people to finish the mission.

Can Akane fulfill the mission despite her fears?
Did Ashton make the right decision?
Will they find what they want in each other?

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