Genesis of War – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★.5  (3.5 / 5 stars)

A war is brewing. Kingdoms are divided. And lives are in danger.

With the vengeful Kelbain rising to power and overtaking the west, brothers Thasus, Andemar, and Rudimere are sent out on separate quests to gather friends, while fighting enemies. Yet little do they know that Kelbain has an internal war brewing, with disdain growing from his son, secrets coming to light from his soon-to-be wife Dirce, and trust growing fragile. Can the three brothers stop the brewing storm before lives are lost? Or is it already too late?

A traditional high fantasy tale with battles, high stakes, and magic, Genesis of War takes us on an adventure. Fast paced, readers will get to see the world right away, and learn the struggles without having to turn the next page. While Rudimere is set up to be the hero, without a doubt I was drawn into Dirce’s plight. Her ending shocked me…although, I do wish there was a bit more build up (more on that below).

While some readers will love this fast paced energy of the story, to me…I needed more. I felt like I was reading the outline to some long epic fantasy, and while I can appreciate why the author made it more fast paced (to make it more accessible to those daunted by the longer novels), I think it needed a little bit more. Dirce’s evolution came with an abrupt twist, and the battle that ensued happened far too fast, considering the depths of the climax. In addition, the pace damaged the overall worldbuilding. More build up was needed to really make the story succeed…at least in my opinion.

This book did cause me to have a revelation about my own reading preferences. Fundamentally, I should have loved this book. The plot was great, the characters had unique plights, and the darkness loomed. But…I realized something was lacking for me, and it was this: I am a character motivated reader. A plot can be amazing (as this one was), but if I don’t get a chance to sit with the characters and feel their emotions, the story doesn’t resonate the same way. This is no fault of the author, just a personal preference I identified while reading.

Overall though, I will eventually pick up Book 2 in the series, as I am inspired enough to find out what happens next. If you enjoy fast-paced high fantasy, with battles and magic…check out Genesis of War. I think you’ll enjoy it.

What’s it about?

A man with royalty in his blood has waited to prove himself…

A self-proclaimed sorcerer has waited patiently for vengeance…

In a land of giant wolves, mind readers, and elementals, it is only a matter of time before their paths collide.

But what will be left of the realm when that day finally comes?

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