Amulet of Scion- Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★✰  (3.75 / 5 stars)

“Keep it secret.”

“Keep it safe.”

“Don’t take it off.”

These are the final words that Bailee’s mother utters to her before her untimely death. For years, this is exactly what Bailee does…that is, until her best friend Asher has an accident that costs him a leg, and leads to an eviction notice on his door. In hopes to help, Bailee goes to Fossil Park to sell her amulet, but when she goes to give to someone else, it glows. With the secrets of her amulet unlocked, Bailee must uncover the mystery and race against the clock to save both her professor and her friend…or it could mean an untimely demise for them all.

In a fast paced story that combines both mystery with fantasy, readers of all ages will join Bailee as she tries to uncover the secrets of her amulet, as well as her family’s past. Her curiosity will resonate with readers. Ultimately though, the message is not just about magic and witches, but about friendship, betrayal, and interwoven history. Each person plays a key part in Bailee’s story, and no one is there without reason.

Yet, with these interwoven characters, I do feel like the story might have benefited in being a bit longer. We are immediately thrown into witch’s lore and introduced to a handful of characters. If we knew a bit more about Bailee’s relationship with these characters, as well as a chance to explore the lore just a bit more, I think this book would have been even better.

But, I do know I am not the target audience either, and potentially having this much additional detail might overwhelm the children reading it.

Amulet of Scion, as my first read of 2022, was still a wonderful book that not only takes readers on a magical journey, but also through relationships and friendships. It’s definitely worth the read for young and old readers alike.

What’s it about?

At a Fossil Park, ancient relics go on display – a golden cat, a witch’s broom, mysterious twig-people. A child wearing an amulet enters, unaware of the mayhem she’s about to cause.

Bailee Paxton wants to help raise money for her friend, Asher. When she takes her amulet for appraisal, it glows the moment the professor touches it. Before long, he’s found in a trance and the relics from his display are missing. Meanwhile, someone… or something, spies on her from the shadows

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