2022 Author Features

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ll know that I used to regularly feature authors on this site.

While that has dropped off over the past year, I am picking up again in 2022. I have selected fifty authors who I will be featuring over the course of the year, as well as reading their books. Some of these authors have made appearances on this blog before, but so many of them I have never read or interviewed.

This page will serve as the master list that I will update regularly with both the book reviews and the interviews with these authors.

Below, you can find all the authors with their books in alphabetical order. These will be reorganized as I finalize the features…but for now, make sure to check out these authors.


A day at the park (warm-blooded vampires) by Gaz R Galey
A Realm of Stones and Whispers by Ginevra Mancinelli
Archaic Deception: The Guardian of Emblems by Joe Dayvie
Awakened by Elizabeth J. Rekab
Awakened: Book 1 of the Lightbearer Chronicles by Dan Kenner
Awakening by Kris branham
Being The Dead Girl already out on Amazon by TM Perkins
Breakaway: The Blighted Trilogy Book One by Dezarea Dunn
Breaker by Amy Campbell
Bulletproof by Monica T. Rodriguez
Clarity Castle by Marie-Hélène Lebeault
Contained in Darkness by Amberly Henning
Curse of the Gods by R. L. McIntyre
Cursed Legacy by H. Everend
Dance of the Elements Ignited by A. M. Deese
Derailed and dispersed Volume 1Stranded in the wilderness by Samuel J white
Destiny by Olivia Ali
Dragon Tempest by J.E. Taylor
Everlong by R. Raeta
Flowers For Fara by Amara Lynn
Forbidden Healing by Rachael Watson
Free Me by Kat Winters
Genesis of War by R.T. Cole
Hunters I: The Mission by Raquel Herrera
Little Hood by Joanna G. Holden
Lucky: A Novel by Kristina Parro
Moonshadow’s Guardian by Dianna Gunn
Myths, Legends & Dreams: A Worldsmyths Anthology by Ally Kelly / Worldsmyths Publishing
Perfect Piece by Molly Jones
Piker’s Retribution by Amanda N. Newman
Rejected (Book 2 in The Delivery Company series) by Lane Northcutt
Scorched Feathers by Bri Mooney
Scythia Protostar (Book One of the Dark Stellar Legacy) by Jesse M Harvey
Sleepwalker by Mikel J. Wisler
Sophie & the Bookmobile by Kathleen M. Jacobs
Summer of ’77 by Rebecca Amiss
Tetarul Parallel by Emé Savage
The Coming of Jack Walker by Chrystal Lee Stevens
The Deep Space Between by Cassandra Stirling
The Goddess & The Bee by Jill Jenkins
The Magi Menagerie by Kale Lawrence
The Pen Pal A West Virginia Mystery by Storm Young
The Stars Plot Revenge by L.J. Kerry
The Taking of Persephone Series: Kore by Ambrosia R Harris
The Vult by Katelyn Young
The White Witch’s Daughter by J.C. Wade
Two More Lives, Card Holders Book 2 by Kaitlyn Legaspi
Voice of a Stranger by Ellie DaKaye
Where the Gulls Fall Silent by Lelita Baldock

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