The Lurking Collection- Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★✰  (4 / 5 stars)

In this collection of short stories by Jaidis Shaw, we investigate some dark and chilling questions: is a sacrifice worth it? Is that boy in your class as kind as he seems? What secrets are we holding? Each story will chill you to the bones, and make you question your own life – for better or worse.

These stories are beautifully written, and each one will leave you at the edge of your seat…all for a different reason. My favorite one was definitely The Reluctant Seamstress. This one was jaw dropping, and I could have read an entire book about this character and her people. I sat up straight in bed as I devoured this tale, my heart racing…with a smile on my face at the end.

The other two stories, The House on Juniper Lane and Blind Justice, also had that same chilling atmosphere but they didn’t enchant me in the same way. These were much more closer to the real world (especially the last one), and reminded me more of traditional horror stories, similar to Stephen King or other similar authors.

That being said, all these stories are worth the read – they’ll leave you thinking about humanity, life, and all the secrets in the shadows. Definitely check it out.

What’s it about?

A collection of stories by Jaidis Shaw:

Is the sacrifice worth the reward?

The Reluctant Seamstress is an outcast among her people. Cursed to never set foot on land, she swims in the dark depths below the ocean’s surface. Now her life depends on making the perfect suit for her master. The only problem is that everyone knows human flesh is a fickle material.

Some family traditions must come to an end.

The House on Juniper Lane had always been a mystery. After a family was violently slain within its walls, it quickly became an attraction for teens looking for a thrill. It was just an empty house to Grace. So when the hottest guy in school wanted to take her there, she accepted. It was all fun and games until she woke up tied to a chair.

One night will change her life forever.

Blind Justice is what she provides. Molly wasn’t going to let blindness stop her from holding psychological criminals accountable for their actions. Now the bodies are piling up and Molly must identify the killer before her own secrets are brought to light and she becomes the next victim. 

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