The Sisters of Inishford – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★✰  (4 / 5 stars)

Sisters Eibhlin, Brianna, and Cassidy have always had different goals as the three princesses of Inishford. After their brother, Rhodan, is taken by a rival kingdom, Eibhlin is determined to join the King’s Mettle in battle. Meanwhile Brianna is dreaming of marriage and glamor, while the youngest, Cassidy, is being bored by her lessons. When each presented with a new opportunity to chase their dreams, they soon learn that sometimes what you thought you wanted…isn’t what they wanted at all. 

The Sisters of Inishford is not your traditional story about knights, battles, and more. Instead, it’s a story about the strengths in femineity and overcoming challenges as well as trauma. While Eibhlin presents herself at first as the heroic type, she soon learns where her strengths lie, and how the call to become a mother does not impede upon it. In addition, Brianna must learn how to overcome trauma, loss, and regret, finding her own strength in getting hands dirty in the garden and healing others…rather than the desires of glitz and glamor she once held. Finally, Cassidy goes from being headstrong, to thoughtful and commanding…manifesting herself as a part of her father’s close group of advisors. It’s in these aspects, they come together to save their brother and stop an impending battle. I think ultimately, that is something not often seen in fantasy, and it is what makes this story shine. 

While I loved the plot and all the characters (with Cassidy and Theda being my favorites), the story is slow paced. It took me quite a few months to read it, and often I found myself distracted by other novels. It is not action-packed, but rather reflective and thoughtful…which isn’t always the case in these historic-fantasy type of novels. I am glad I stuck with it though, as it reached a satisfying conclusion that I think many will enjoy.  

Overall, this was a wonderful read with notable characters and an intriguing plot. If you’re looking for something that is more reflective in fantasy, I recommend you check out The Sister of Inishford. I cannot wait to see what Jessica Monahan writes next.  

What’s it about?

At a time when two kingdoms battle for the fate of a kidnapped prince, sisters Eibhlin, Cassidy, and Brianna will forge their own destinies.

Eibhlin is closer to her goal of riding into battle alongside an elite group of knights until her budding desire to have children gets in the way. Brianna is a hopeless romantic but also the victim of a terrible crime and she must learn how to get her hands dirty in order to
combat her obsessive fears. Cassidy, who sneaks maps and reads accounts of battle, could be useful in the war effort if she can first prove she is just as capable as any of her father’s military advisors.

Together, the sisters of Inishford will find their strength to rescue their kidnapped brother, return peace to the kingdom, and restore joy to their lives. 

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