Cinderella is Evil – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★✰✰  (3.5 / 5 stars)

What if the story we all know and love is wrong? What if the Step Sisters weren’t evil? What if the Step Mother was just heart broken? And what if Cinderella was never mistreated? Anna, one of the “Ugly Step Sisters” finally tells her side of the story in this fast paced short-story that gives a new take on the classic tale.

I read Cinderella is Evil fairly quickly. It paints a picture of a family struggling with the death of their patriarch. In their sadness, their stories became misconstrued. Cinderella was never abused, only being dramatic. The step sisters weren’t evil, only trying to make their mother happy. If anything, the only one close to their original role was the Step Mother, who berated her daughters due to their looks. Yet, the narrative is painted to feel sympathy for the entire family. They are merely in mourning, not filled with hate.

While I enjoyed the way the narrative was written, and I understood Anna’s own frustrations with her life, the ending fell short . The story felt like it was building up to something bigger: a darker take on the tale that left us with a distaste for Cinderella. While Cinderella was whiny and stuck up, I wouldn’t go as far as to call her evil. In fact, I would say that the three sisters acted like teenagers. If the title wasn’t Cinderella is Evil, I might have been more satisfied with the ending. Really, it felt as though the story was missing something.

Overall though, I had fun reading this story! If you have a moment, check it out…you’ll read it in 30 minutes and have a new perspective on this classic tale!

What’s it about?

History is told from one person’s perspective. Sometimes they don’t get it right.

Ugly Stepsister Anna has wrongly been accused of being mean and evil. Now it is time she got the opportunity to tell her side of the story.

With Cinderella so perfect and wonderful, it is no wonder Anna feels ugly in comparison. Dealing with bullies, a grumpy mother and the death of her step-father, Anna is at her wits end.

When the Prince’s ball approaches, Anna is told she must find a husband to save the family fortune. Attending with her sisters, the sulky Prince Charming only has eyes for Cinderella.

With the burden of being the only one to unite her step-sister with the Prince, will Anna act as cupid? Or will she protect Cinderella from the arrogant Charming?

A charming twist to the story of Cinderella, told completely from the point of view of the Ugly Step-Sister. 

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