Love and Loki – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★✰✰  (3 / 5 stars)

Prince Stuart must marry in order to unite his kingdom. Forced into a loveless betrothal with a princess, Stuart has long accepted his fate. He must provide heirs – and he couldn’t if he chose to be with a man, as his heart desired. But one day, upon being sent on a quest to kill the evil mage in the forest, he succumbs to poisoning. When he wakes up, none other than the Trickster God, Loki, is tending to his wounds. Can Loki be trusted though? And why does Stuart feel so drawn to him? 

I picked up Love and Loki for free at the start of June. Norse Mythology, plus LGBTQ+ representation? It sounded like something right up my alley. And ultimately, it is a great retelling, taking the trickster Loki and giving him a sense of humanity. It examines Loki’s troubles with Odin and his family, as well as the relationship he had with his children. By far, I am glad I know some Norse Mythology, because if you’re unfamiliar with Loki’s children or your only exposure to Loki is through Marvel, then you might be a tad confused. 

The story is definitely “spicier” than what I usually read though. I’m not one for intense scenes like this in my reading, but there was enough story around the events to not completely deter me. My review is mostly focused on the story, not on the “erotic” scenes. I’ll let individuals who enjoy spice give their opinions on those scenes. 

While Love and Loki does need some editing to help consistency and narration, I don’t think that derailed the story. Rather, I think the story needed to be longer in order to better establish the world building, Stuart’s character, and Loki’s position in the world. Ultimately, the story relies on previous knowledge from Norse Mythology. Given more time, we could have explored the Norse Mythology in relation to Stuart and Loki’s story, as well as really explore the connection Stuart and Loki begin to form. 

Ultimately, the story itself is a fast, enjoyable read. If you’re looking for a story that incorporates Norse Gods, LGBTQ+ romance, and some spice, then this will be right up your alley! 

What’s it about?

“A master of words, yet I could take you apart with my silver tongue if I truly tried,” Loki commented.“I bet you say that to all the boys.” The prince retorted rolling his eyes.
Loki is tired of his existence, looking for a way to hold on after Odin took everything from him or at the very least, a permanent escape from his pain.

Stuart is a Prince, looking for a marriage to unite his kingdom and crown him King. Sent on a mission to destroy the evil mage in the mountains to earn the hand of the fair princess.

Nothing is as it seems when Stuart discovers that Loki is neither evil nor does the kingdom want him to successfully marry the princess. As they are thrown together trying to break a curse, can they find love in each other’s arms?

Gay sex, angry sex, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt.

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