The Maker War- Book Review

Book Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (DNF @ 35%)

Welcome to the Global Maker Corps! Learn to 3D print anything in an instance!

Zavier Vik has joined the Maker Corps to help protect the world. A talented maker, but with his own haunted past, he has been struggling to fulfill assignments. He freezes on the battlefield, lets his friends down, and often gets wrapped up in his own faults. Yet, when the Rippers attack Maker HQ, Zavier has to fight along side his friends to fulfill his duty, protect HQ, and overcome his own anxieties.

I honestly cannot say why I didn’t like this book. I’ve been trying to read it for quite a few weeks, and each time I picked it up, I found my mind wandering, and left disinterested by the plot. This was weird for me, especially since I tend to like books similar to the Maker Corps. Perhaps my headspace wasn’t in the right place for a fast-paced, action packed book. 

Part of what I think caused me to not like this book was the way it was written. While it is WELL WRITTEN, some of the omniscient POV made me feel disconnected to the characters. This is a very personal take that I have mentioned while reviewing other books as well. I’ve never been a big fan of omniscient POV. Even though the narrative mostly followed Zavier, the constant switching disoriented me as the reader, and I was left not caring about their struggles or what was happening next.

Yet, with that being said, I could definitely see this working as an action packed movie or TV show, and I think in that situation I would love it! The different POVs and the action would work quite well on screen!

Yet, despite the fact I usually love stories like this, the omniscient POV plus my current headspace caused me not get into this story. Reading it became a chore.

So I ultimately decided to DNF this book at 35%. 

Maybe someday I’ll try picking it up again. But, for now, I think it is my best option to leave the book here. Am I curious what happens? Somewhat. But not enough to try and force myself to read it. 

Again, please don’t take my review as a reason NOT to read this book. In fact, I implore you to check this book out yourself! Just because I couldn’t get into it doesn’t mean you won’t! 

I think if you like action packed sci-fi novels that focus more on plot than characters, then this is definitely a story for you! So check it out if it interests you. I might be back someday. 

What’s it about?


What if you lived in a world where you could 3D print a perfect version of anything you wanted—in an instant? And what if you could, just as quickly, rip apart any object and break it down into the dust of the universe? In the next century, this earth-shattering technology is a reality. Matter, not money, has become the key to power.

Young Zavier Vik follows his war-hero sister into the Global Maker Corps to make the world safer. But, while Makers use their OzTech printers to create and build, their enemies—the Rippers—seek to destroy and take away what people have.

The Maker Corps recruits cadets with conditions like ADHD, anxiety, and dyslexia, knowing these are strengths that feed “fluid thinking” in battle. Zavier and his squad members must work together, think quickly, and hold back the Ripper threat.

Action-packed, entertaining, and surprising, “The Maker War” dares you to imagine what could be, if you could create whatever you imagine.

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