The Gorgon and the Stranger – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★★  (5 / 5 stars)

Euryale has one goal: protect her sisters. But when she has a prophetic vision about an untimely demise to her family, she is left with an impending dread as to what to do. Is it the stranger that has arrived in the woods? Or something far worse?

This quick story did exactly what it needed to do: it pulled me in and made me want more. With Ashley Castillo’s Bright One series on the horizon, creating this short story was the perfect way to draw readers like me into the world before it was released. While I certainly want to know more, and was disappointed when the story ended, it only means one thing: I will definitely be picking up the Bright One series once Castillo releases it! 

I do admit, I had to do some mythology research while reading this, especially regarding Gorgons. Of course, I am familiar with Medusa, but I had to research more about the species for the story to really sink in. Yet, just a 5-minute Google Search was enough for me to sink into Euryale’s story.

I have a feeling that good things are to come from Ashley Castillo! Definitely one to watch! 

What’s it about?

Her visions foretold a threat. Can a mysterious encounter melt a stone-cold heart?

Bestowed with prophetic powers, the gorgon Euryale tries to channel her visions to protect her sisters from the dangers lurking within their unforgiving world.

After witnessing a terrible vision bringing harm to the ones she loves, Euryale becomes determined to prevent her prophecy from coming to pass. But when she hunts down the stranger that she is certain must be the threat and meets him face-to-face, an unexpected series of events unfold that cause her to question her visions – and whether she can really trust anything at all…

Imbued with timeless and thought-provoking themes of friendship and trust, The Gorgon and the Stranger is a riveting short story that will resonate with fantasy fans of all backgrounds. If you like gripping reads with fantastical worlds and plenty of magic, then this tale is for you

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