Light to Darkness – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5 / 5 stars)

 Imagine a world where vampires and humans coexist. 

That is Victoria’s reality. With her parents working at a blood bank, and two of her three best friends vampires, the idea of vampires and humans at odds seems like something of fiction. But one day, when she and her friend Nicole get abducted by a group of individuals who hate the way society has turned, their entire lives are turned upside down. Victoria becomes the product of an experiment, and while balancing her conflicting emotions when it comes to her vampire friend Von, as well as her newfound interest in the secretive vampire Zane, she must learn to navigate her new reality.

I’ll be frank: I don’t usually read Paranormal or Urban Fantasy. This was a mystery read sent to me as a part of the Indie Takeover Event on Tiktok. But, that being said, I had a lot of fun reading this book! It was fast paced, but not to the point where it left me confused or wanting more, and I absolutely adored how Victoria came into her own towards the end of the book. The lesson is simple, in the end: choose the path you want and don’t let others control you. 

I find that, in a way, it was a commentary on vampire fiction as a whole. Victoria is sick of being lied to by, controlled by, and ordered around by these ancient vampires who seem to know more than her. While for the longest time, Victoria accepted her friends as her protectors, she ultimately recognizes how controlling they are to an extent. Her choices are her own in the end, and that is what makes Light to Darkness so great. 

Yet, while I had a lot of fun reading Light to Darkness, I had a few small hang ups. This once again could be due to how I don’t typically read Paranormal Fantasy though, so some of the tropes common in it don’t appeal to me. For instance, the love triangle that forms around Zane and Von made me uneasy. In addition, some of Zane’s ways of flirting didn’t quite land with me, but that really does come down to personal taste. 

I also felt like if the book had been a bit longer, we may have been given a chance to explore the dynamics of the society with vampires and humans (although Flerl did quite a good job putting that together). I think the part that I really wanted to know more about revolved around the werewolves though. I won’t spoil how they are involved, but they seem to come out of nowhere, and have a deep involvement in the overall outcome of the story.

Ultimately, Zane’s storyline is the more interesting one in my opinion. I would have loved to delve into his involvement more. I won’t give away if he is a good or bad guy though, since that would spoil a HUGE part of the story.

Overall though, if you enjoy fast paced paranormal fantasy, I think you’ll have a great time with Light to Darkness!  So definitely check it out if vampires are right up your alley. 

What’s it about?

Light to Darkness is the story of college student Victoria Stratton, a spunky, head strong, and fun spirited woman, whose fierce devotion to her friends, human and vampire alike, is threatened by rebels of the new society.
The new society is a mixture of humans and vampires that live in harmony together until a group of rebels decide to cause trouble. They kidnap and experiment on humans and vampires. Victoria has to overcome torture, love, and guilt. Her stubbornness gets her into trouble but her strong nature makes her a fighter.

Contains mature content and violence. Intended for readers 18+

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