Go with the Flow- Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

 It’s sophomore year and Sasha is starting at a new school; meanwhile, Abby, Brit, and Christine are looking forward to having the best school year yet! When Sasha’s period starts leaving an embarrassing stain on her clothes, Abby, Brit, and Christine come to her rescue…only to discover that…oh no! The school doesn’t have any tampons or maxi pads in their machines! The girls find this injustice utterly repulsive, and sends them down a journey to share the struggles menstruating facing individuals deal with every single day of their lives. 

This wonderful comic will help girls – young and old alike – realize that it is OKAY to talk about periods. It’s a part of the human body for almost all individuals assigned female at birth. But, it also shows how a small act of rebellion can go along way. Sometimes, just opening the floor up to discussion is all the world needs to make change. 

The comic also highlights the utter importance of having access to feminine hygiene products at schools…at no cost to the students. I can remember back to my own high school (and even college) years. Were the products readily available? No. Did the sports teams get new uniforms? Yes. 

Hopefully any young girl, or woman, will take this comic with a full heart. Together, we can implement change. Menstruation is unavoidable, and it impacts everyone differently in society. So if we work together to discuss it, to provide resources, then we can end the taboo.

That’s the message of this wonderful comic.

And it’s the message everyone should hold dearly. 

What’s it about?

Sophomores Abby, Brit, Christine, and Sasha are fed up. Hazelton High never has enough tampons. Or pads. Or adults who will listen.

Sick of an administration that puts football before female health, the girls confront a world that shrugs―or worse, squirms―at the thought of a menstruation revolution. They band together to make a change. It’s no easy task, especially while grappling with everything from crushes to trig to JV track but they have each other’s backs. That is, until one of the girls goes rogue, testing the limits of their friendship and pushing the friends to question the power of their own voices.

Now they must learn to work together to raise each other up. But how to you stand your ground while raising bloody hell?

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