Sister of the Chosen One – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

Being a hero is tough.

So is being a hero’s sister. 

Valora and Grier Rigmore have a tenuous relationship; Valora is the chosen one, and Grier is her sister who can only create petty portals. But, with the threat of Erys on the rise, Valora is faced with the constant hurdle of her self-doubt, while Grier begins exploring her talents beyond measure. Can the two sisters come together to fight this evil? Or will the Chosen One and her Sister fail to protect the world?

In a wonderfully written story with two well defined heroines with distinct personality, we venture to Proctor Moor, a school reminiscent of Hogwarts where students of many abilities come together to hone in on their talents, and see the pressures that the Chosen One faces. Sister of the Chosen One does a fantastic job in displaying how high expectations often cause talented individuals to struggle, as is evident with Valora. But it also shows how having the attention placed on one child impacts their siblings. Grier is bitter towards her sister, but not out of jealousy; it’s the type of bitterness you see with siblings. They still love each other, but the wedge exists nonetheless. 

While I knew the message pretty early on behind the prophecy, the journey that Valora and Grier take is significant and well written. They have their ups and downs – from Valora kissing the boy Grier likes, to Grier using her talents to save Valora, and vice versa – but ultimately, their bond prevails. 

While parts of the story got a tad repetitive (Grier complaining about Valora and vice versa), and I wanted to know more about their friends and family (like Agnes, Leo, and Nan), ultimately the story is a fantastic tribute to super heroes, magic, and family. The twists didn’t really surprise me, but they were well done, and the groundwork was there in a masterful way. 

I do have to give kudos to the authors. Sometimes, when two authors work on a project, the narrative isn’t cohesive. Having two narrators, both with distinct personalities, worked in these authors favor though. Valora and Grier were different enough to keep me intrigued, while holding enough similar characteristics as sisters.

Honestly, if you enjoy superheroes, magical schools, and stories about family, then Sister of the Chosen One is right for you!

What’s it about?

Valora Rigmore understands pressure. As the Chosen One (resident telekinetic, superstar and model girlfriend) her life revolves around it. According to an ancient prophesy, Valora is destined to fight Erys, a terrifying individual with the power to control monsters. Valora is worshipped at school, in the press and by her parents, but as the battle with Erys looms near, the cracks in her perfect façade are beginning to show.

Her twin, Grier Rigmore understands disappointment. A curvy bookworm perpetually in the shadow of her sister’s legacy, Grier’s life is one long humiliation after another. However, as Valora’s fandom reaches an unbearable fever pitch, an interesting new boy and a clever teacher spark Grier’s curiosity about her own powerful gifts.

When Grier’s star begins to rise, so do more questions, like: who is truly the Chosen One, and will two sisters at odds survive long enough to understand the answer?

Best described as Harry Potter meets Mindy Kaling, Sister of the Chosen One is a darkly funny, female empowered YA epic about siblings struggling to connect with each other, free themselves of labels and save the world in the process.

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