Between Worlds – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.75 / 5 stars)

Alexis and Molly are best friends. No, they’re even closer than that. They are almost sisters, in a way! But when Molly goes missing, Alexis is determined to find her. Yet, as weird individuals pop up throughout town, with warnings about the fae on their lips, Alexis is suddenly thrust into the world of the fae. But who can she trust? And can she get her and Molly out alive without being harmed?

In an well-written adventure about two best friends, journey with Alexis into the realm of the fae, where she learns there is more to herself and the world than meets the eye. I love stories that are about two friends, especially where someone sacrifices the life they know to find their best friend. Even more, it’s great when it is two young women who love each other without a doubt. This is Alexis’s guiding principle through the story: everything she does is for Molly.

Alexis is relatable, especially to insecure teenagers who aren’t sure about their weight or aren’t quite so outgoing. This story isn’t just about Alexis finding Molly. It’s also about Alexis finding herself. 

The characters pop from the page: between Alexis’s internal conflict, Molly’s bubbly personality, Jynx’s hijinks, Jaxith’s silent demeanor, and Keir’s flirty one. Each character has their own unique goals, which really make the world of the Fae all the more interesting. Even the minor characters, such as Molly’s other friends or the villains, stand out. It’s these characters that make this story shine.

It is a bit slow in pace, especially in the beginning, but that isn’t the primary reason why I’m giving this 3.75 stars instead of 4. I decided to knock off a fraction of the rating due to a personal preference. I realized, while reading this, that I am not a big fan of the tropes surrounding the fae: the marking, the manipulation, the age differences, etc. While Keir is sexy and likeable – and I completely understand why Alexis would not mind being marked by him – the idea that he marked her without permission made my stomach crawl. Granted, Alexis also does not shy away from saying that to him, which is a saving grace. This is by no fault the author, but a common trope in the fae lore. 

Despite that though, I think I will adventure into the world of the fae again with Alexis and Molly in book two. Jennifer Ridge is a talented author and definitely one to watch. 

So if you like the fae, like a bit of romance, and also two best friends who will do anything for each other…definitely check out Between Worlds

What’s it about?

Do you believe in faeries? Alexis does, but not instinctively. She prefers a logical explanation for her friend Molly’s disappearance. But after coming up with only dead ends, she wonders if the impossible could be possible.

Is Molly lost in the Faery Realm? Determined to find her friend, Alexis makes a deal with one of the fae to bring her into the Faery Realm. But it is dangerous, and if Alexis isn’t careful, Molly won’t be the only one who needs saving. 

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