Foreverywhere – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆   (3 / 5 stars)
Audio Book Performance: ★★★★★ (5 / 5 Stars)

Mote is the last unicorn in Anyville, dubbing himself as “the Finalcorn”, and is hunting for a group of new friends. How? By forming a band of course! But, becoming an awesome band is harder than it seems. First he needs to recruit…and then he needs to keep his band members together through thick-and-thin! This is way more difficult than he though, especially as his guitarist – the talented Princess Rainbow – faces problems at home. Can they come together to put on a rocking show for Anyville? Or will they be a one-hit-wonder?

In a cute story about friendship and “rocking out”, we go on this adventure with Mote as he chases his dreams. The message is clear for children and adults alike: hard work and passion will make your dreams come true…as long as you’re having fun at the same time. And Mote, Rick, Betsy, and Princess Rainbow sure do have a lot of fun! 

Overall, this cute story is a load of fun, reminiscent of some cartoons (my mind immediately went to Adventure Time) and kid’s movies. This story really is for children though, and while I think children will have a ton of fun with it, I did find that it lacked some conflict and overall was a bit “boring.” If it was any longer, I might have lost interest entirely. I am not saying this is how children will feel about it, of course, but as an adult who reads/listens to a lot of children/middle-grade novels, this one probably won’t stick with me to the same extent.

Despite that, it was fun, with a phenomenal performance cast. Children will love it, and who knows…maybe they’ll want to form a band too! 

What’s it about?

Foreverywhere tells the tale of a young unicorn (perhaps the last unicorn in existence?!) and his quest, along with a Giant named Rick, a spider named Betsy and the guitar-shredding Princess Rainbow, to form the best band in the fantastical world of Anyville. But first, they’ll have to contend with the increasingly strange weather that seems to follow Princess Rainbow everywhere, and a rival band determined to bring them down. Will this group of misfits be able to rise above? 

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