Hollows of the Nox – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

 Eldritch has dreamed of a greater life for a long time. After immersing himself in books, he begins to hear voices demanding more. But, with the beautiful Sayeh captivating his heart, he has to choose between a life of adventure or settling down in Raikrune. After Sayeh begins to sucuumb to the darkness, Eldritch is forced to flee his home and immerse himself in an adventure he only dreamt about. Can he harness the magic as he always wanted? Or will he sucuumb to something far more powerful?

In a fast paced novel about the risks and rewards of magic, power, and love, we journey with Eldritch through both his good and bad choices. A constant reminder is in the air: do not give into temptation. But Eldritch is young and foolish; he yearns for more than his petty life as a farmer’s son. Given a chance, he jumps on the possibility to learn magic and go on adventure. 

Yet, like any young man, Eldritch is also naïve. He believes what he hears about evil and good, making him an easy target for the darkness lurking in the woods. It’s no wonder the Nox choose him as their vessel, and use his heart and love for Sayeh to their advantage. Matthew Nordin does a fantastic job in making this believable, and while I kept shouting “NO” as Eldritch made these poor decisions, I also couldn’t dare look away. 

Nordin plays on our familiarity with topics like the fae and elves to build his world….but leaves enough to the imaginatin to desire more! I will, without a doubt, be picking up the next Shadows of Eleanor book to learn more.

Yet, my one hang up (and possibly selfish desire) was how I wanted MORE. The characters, especially Sayeh, needed to be developed a bit more. While I understood Eldritch’s love for her, I would have liked to see more of her personality beside the “kind bookshop girl”, especially before the darkness comes. Overall though, this didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the narrative.

Hollows of the Nox bears a very deep message about consequences. Placed in a unique and fantastical world, I cannot wait to delve into more of Matthew Nordin’s writing. Definitely check it out! 

What’s it about?

In the quiet bookshop of Raikrune, a young scholar named Eldritch finds solace while reading stories about the elusive fae. The books speak to him, whispering of a power locked away for centuries. His destiny is rewritten when he discovers hidden texts of ancient magic and meets an odd stranger traveling to the border town of the fairy forest. After tragedy forces him to leave all he knows behind, his quest for the unknown will teach him that some magic should not be found.

Hollows of the Nox is a standalone novel that begins the Shadows of Eleanor series. These fantasy stories delve into a realm where magic can be possible, at a cost. Find more of Matthew’s books at http://www.scenerychanges.com


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