General Update

Hey everyone.

I know I’ve been a bit quieter on social media lately. I’ve kind of hit a bit of a wall. While my writing is still doing awesome, I think I was trying to wear too many hats: my full-time career, my author stuff, reading books by indie authors, creating features, and writing blog posts. While I sold more books last month than I did in awhile (thanks in part to my new TikTok page), the work-to-return ratio has been quite low.

Don’t get me wrong, I will continue building up this indie writer community with every fiber in my body. My TBR still consists of MANY indie books, and I will continue to take review requests. But, I really wanted to feature authors regularly and get this blog series going…but it has kind of fallen by the way-side. 

It’s hard when you have to run most of your author stuff by yourself. While I have amazing support from my fiance, I have a wonderful editor, and I have some great friends…99% of the work is all me. I am sure most of you understand this. 

I am just going through a rut right now. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but it’s been difficult for me lately when I put SO MUCH of myself into my author stuff, and the return is maybe a few sales or a review or two. 

Will I stop supporting everyone in this community? Absolutely not. But if you’ve notice how I’ve had to take a step back, or that I’m being quieter…these are the reasons why.

I will still be posting regularly here, just my overall engagement will be a bit lower until I can find the right place…mentally. I’m posting a ton on TikTok because it’s fresh and new, so if you want to see or here from me MORE regularly, you can follow  me there at esbarrison_author. 

For now, stay on the look out for details on my upcoming short-story, Tuppence, as well as more book reviews. I’ll have a few more complete by the end of the month!

Thanks for understanding ❤


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