Oddkins – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★★☆   (4 / 5 stars)
Audio Book Performance: ★★★★☆ (4 / 5 Stars)

 When old toymaker, Isaac Boddkins, passes away, he leaves behind a toyshop filled with magic toys with one true destiny: make a child’s life happy. But, with evil afoot, and evil toys awaking deep beneath the factory, the toys – led by Amos the Bear – must find the new toymaker before it’s too late. Can they dare venture into the skyscrapers to find her? Or will the dangers end their small lives?

In a heartwarming tale that is reminiscent of Tim Burton’s movies and Pixar’s Toy Story, we arrive in a world where magic is fueled not just by our imagination, but by something greater than we ever imagined. Toys are not just playthings, but heartwarming objects that help children through their hardest times. 

I wouldn’t say that there is anything unique about this story: it’s a classic battle of good versus evil, and light versus darkness. But, considering this predates Toy Story, it is a great look into the possible magic within our childhood toys. It’s not just a tale about toys finding a new toymaker, but also about find your inner child, and doing what is right. 

It’s about holding onto courage and your friends first, and giving up last. Alpha omega.

While the story is endearing and I think anyone will enjoy it, to an extent it did get a little preachy. I have not read any of Dean Koontz’s other works, so perhaps this is common in his writing, but for me the very definitive discussion of a “Lord Creator” in a children’s book was a tad off-putting. In addition,  parts of it felt a little silly or made me wonder why there wasn’t an easier resolution. I won’t look into it too much though, since this fable is geared towards a younger audience.

Overall, it was fun to listen to Oddkins, and I adored getting to know more about Amos, Butterscotch, Skippy, Burl, Gibbons, and Patch. It definitely is a fable for all ages, so if you have some time…definitely check it out! 

What’s it about?

When the death of their creator leaves them without protection, a band of magic living toys must attempt a dangerous journey across the city to another toyshop, while under attack from evil toys serving the Dark One.

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