Come Join Me (Digitally) @ the Sunshine State Book Festival

Do you miss bookish conventions? While the world is still livid with Covid-19, it doesn’t mean you can’t support your local (or not so local) authors!

I’m honored to be taking part in the Sunshine State Book Festival on January 30th, a virtual festival hosted by the Writer’s Alliance of Gainesville! In a way, having my first “live book event” “in” Gainesville is fitting: I went to the University of Florida for 3 years, then proceeded to live in Gainesville for 3 more years while working before moving to Orlando. 

So how does this work? On January 30th, the Sunshine State Book Festival will open their “virtual” festival. You’ll be able to browse author books, check out their books, and watch a short video. I will just be one of over 90 individuals showcasing their books! 

And best yet? It’s free to come check it out! Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite read! 

You can find out more about the festival below! 

What will [the Sunshine State] online book festival look like?

Prominent guest speakers will give featured talks—all free and open to the public.

Author booths allow you to virtually “stroll” aisles of our festival from the comfort and safety of your home. Meet authors via brief videos they have provided. Enjoy the experience of book browsing? Click on a book cover, then on Amazon’s “Look inside” feature to view the back cover copy, table of contents, and even read a few pages of the book.

Authors of children’s books will have a separate area of the festival site featuring picture books, chapter books, and middle-grade readers. Several authors are providing fun or educational activity worksheets that visitors will be able to print or download to their computer

Want a sneak peek at example booths? Click the Preview option.


So make sure to mark your calendars! I look forward to “seeing” you there!



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Sunshine State Book Festival

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