Magic at Midnight – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 / 5 stars)

 Amy loved her life on the Pegasi Farm. She was one with the creatures, able to infer their exact desires without much trouble. But one day, she is whisked away by a mysterious lord and thrust into a game to win the prince’s hand in marriage…all because she is the spitting image of Princess Amelia! But soon Amy learns that there is more to these games, as well as her past, than she imagined. Can she figure them out, all while exploring her newfound emotions for the Princess of Hazel Wood? Or will her cluelessness lead to death?

There are a lot of great elements in this book: a sentient castle, herds of pegasi, and an deep understanding of love. Amy is a smart-witted young woman, one whose rationality overshadows most of the other princesses, and allows her to uncover a dark plan brewing in the castle to instigate war. Her kindness moves her to act, determined to stop a war that could harm both her pegasi and newfound friends. 

It was nice as well to see Amy be shown as an individual who is attracted to both men and women; often times this isn’t explored in fiction, especially in fantasy, and we are given a chance to see how this internal struggle helps bring peace. 

While the story itself had a lot of great elements, and even the basic plot was interesting, the execution didn’t work for me. In part, this was due to the pacing. I’m not a fan of fast pacing, where the story jumps from one event the next. In the course of the first chapter, Amy goes from farm girl to a participant in a princess competition, without giving us a chance to really understand her feelings or see how she is transformed. Being a novella, I understand how word-space can be limited. Personally, I feel like there was enough working in the background of this story that it could have been a full length novel! We could have explored the politics more, as well as Amy’s feelings, her magic, and her relationship with the pegasi. Instead, we were told about Amy’s feelings…rather than given them the chance to see them in action. 

While the pacing of this story wasn’t for me, it still has a great plot that I think a lot of people will enjoy! So if you like pegasi, magic, princesses, and LGBTQ+ representation, it is definitely worth the read! 

Note: I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

What’s it about?


Amy has only known one life. Now she needs to put it all on the line to save what is precious to her. Can this simple farm girl survive court-life? Can she stop a war from burning down her world? And what of the mysterious princess of Hazel Wood and her covert glances…? Not to mention the prince of Acacia Wood who might or might not be involved with the prophecies ruling their kingdoms. With mysteries and secrets threatening the life she longs to return to, can she separate her feelings from the mission?


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