Beatrice Bloom and the Star Crystal – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5 / 5 stars)

The Blooms are heading back through the fairy door! After receiving an invitation to Evony and Soren’s wedding during Christmas, the Blooms are quick to accept the offer to see their friends! But, Beatrice is somewhat apprehensive: last time she went through the fairy door, she was held captive by the malicious Nesirn! What could happen now?

In the newest edition of Through the Fairy Door, Beatrice takes the center stage (in contrast to her cousin, Octavia, in Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key). In a story filled with multiple moments of deceit and fear, Beatrice is forced to take a central role: not only due to her role as a Bloom, but also as someone with powerful magic. But Beatrice doesn’t have the confidence that her cousin, Octavia, has; in fact, she is scared. Yet, when the fate of her friends depends on her, Octavia knows she has to act…and fast!

This is a new, endearing tale that takes us back through the fairy door. I was so excited to go back with Beatrice! Her character really interested me in the first book: her potential for magic is strong, and it is only made more impressive throughout the story. Not only can she perform feats equal to one of an evil king, but she also thrives on the friendship with her sister, cousins, and the unicorns. The lesson ultimately is a simple one: believe in yourself, have confidence, and you can defeat even those much more powerful than you!

While I am positive that children will continue to love the adventures of the Bloom Family, the second book is slightly less magical. Not that it lacks magic – it has even more than the first book! But as with many second books, the struggle is keeping the magic going. There is so much happening in the fairy world, that in some parts I had to pay far closer attention. Between the diplomatic relations with the fairies, the hierarchy of the unicorns, and the large cast, to some extent it felt like multiple plots were wrapped up in a single book.

But, that’s not to say the story is without it’s merits…because it is still a wonderful tale! Beatrice, although not quite as spunky as her cousin Octavia, has the heart of all the other Blooms. She wants to do what is right, protect her friends, and learn. As she gains her confidence, her magic flourishes…and she can even save the day!

Without a doubt, I’ll be venturing back Through the Fairy Door again. I cannot wait to see what the family will encounter next!

What’s it about?

Beatrice Bloom is excited but a bit apprehensive to be heading through the fairy door once again with her sister and cousins.

The adventure quickly turns ominous with the arrival of old foes and new enemies who are conspiring to overthrow the throne.

Is Beatrice brave enough to embrace magic once more to help her friends? And can she restore the star crystal to its rightful place before time runs out?

Beatrice will need all her courage in this new ‘Through the Fairy Door’ adventure.

Courage, friendship and deceit collide in this spellbinding adventure.

Continue the magic in this follow up to Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key!

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