Frost – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5 / 5 stars)

Nathan Masterson knows little about his past, but as Jack Frost’s protege it doesn’t seem to matter. But after being framed with a crime he didn’t commit, Nate and Jack are forced on the run from the magical law enforcement, the Organization. But as he runs for his life, he and Jack uncover darker forces at work. Can he stop it before innocent lives are lost?

Patrick D. Kaiser is back with his wonderful poetic verse novels in a new series: the Death-Bringer Chronicles. In a world occupied by fae, trolls, goblins, seers, and other creatures, we are instantly whisked away into Nate’s life as Jack Frost’s protege. We see him falling right from the start, and he has to take stock in his magic before he hits the ground. This immediate beginning draws the reader into the dangers of magic in this world, but also the amazing things it can do.

The story is filled with a bunch of interesting characters that keep each chapter fresh and unique. For me, the one who stuck out the most was Don Vito – the leader of the troll mafia in Italy. While he represents a standard mob boss, I love the idea of a troll mafia. The visuals of this hunkering mob boss, and his family, drew me in, leaving me with questions about the metrics of the world at large.

Kaiser’s writing has certainly improved since his Crimson Minds trilogy. His poetry is less dependent on rhyming, focusing on ways to make each verse unique: rhythm, beat, syllables, etcetera. Everything flowed nicely, and I am eager to see how his writing improves over the next books.

Yet, as I’ve mentioned before, verse can be difficult. While the story itself is entertaining, it took a bit for me to gather a full understanding of all the different pieces in this magical society. Verse doesn’t allow for the exposition necessary to explain everything, and with the narrative throwing us right into the action, I found myself wondering more about different aspects of the world that did not get explored. Most notably was Nathan’s relationship with Jack Frost. It’s said that Frost is a notable criminal, and Nathan is her protege. But already Nathan’s talents are notable, and Frost appears and disappears like snow on the ground. If we had spent a couple chapters exploring this relationship, it might have woven in deeper the relationship between Nathan and Jack, so the ending is all more heartbreaking.

But once the story got going, it was a lot of fun. Meeting the fae, the trolls, the O.D. and all the rest wove together nicely in a thrilling story with a heartbreaking conclusion. By the end, you’ll know why it’s called the Death-Bringer Chronicles.

I eagerly anticipate the next installment in this series. Now that I know who Nathan Masterson is, I’m ready for his next adventure.

What’s it about?

Everyday people living everyday lives, not knowing the legends, myths, and fairy tales they tell their children are real.

Goblins, trolls, magic – Not to mention Jack frost: The world’s most notorious criminal, the master escape artist, & one cool lady. Jack currently finds herself training Nathan Masterson, a protege with a magic thought to be extinct who now finds himself drawing attention from the Organization: The magical governments law enforcement group. On the run for a murder he didn’t commit & struggling with the secrets of his past. Is he seeing double or is someone out to frame him? Even with help from Jack the world seems colder than usual.

As Death approaches. It’s gonna be a cold summer.

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