I, Q – Book Review

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5 / 5 stars)

Q – any Star Trek fan knows his name. He tormented Captain Picard for years, placing humanity on trial through a series of trickster games. Now, enter another adventure…in his own words! Can Q, Picard, and Data stop the end of the multiverse? Or will this be the end of everything? Only Q himself can tell us.

In a story that echoes Q’s personality entirely, aided by John de Lancie’s unique perspective on the matter, we delve into an untold story. Like Q, this story is filled with confusion and chaos…all in the right way, of course. Q’s limits know no bounds, so of course his adventure would be just as infinite.

While the story itself won’t go down as one of the most amazing Star Trek stories of all time, the beauty of this book is Q’s narration. It meanders and babbles just like he does, and I could hear Q (and Picard…Data…) as I read this story. Is some of it outlandish? Absolutely! But that’s the beauty of Star Trek, isn’t it?

Overall, it’s a fun story. That’s the reason why I picked up this novel in the first place. I’m not usually one to read books inspired by TV shows, or fan fiction for that matter, but when I saw John de Lancie’s name on the cover of this, I just knew I was in for a good time.

Will it change Star Trek lure? No. But does it give us an insight into one of the most compelling characters in The Next Generation? Yes.

So if you like Star Trek, and especially Q, this is a fun story for an afternoon read.

What’s it about?

The enigmatic entity known as Q remains one of the greatest mysteries in the universe, yet no one, perhaps, understands Q as well as actor John de Lancie, who has played Q on television for more than a decade. Now de Lancie and Peter David, the bestselling author of such acclaimed novels as Q-in-Law and Q-Squared, have joined forces to send Q on an unforgettable cosmic odyssey, told from the mischievous trickster’s own unique point of view.

The Maelstrom, a metaphysical whirlpool of apocalyptic proportions, is pulling all of reality into its maw, devouring the totality of time and space while bringing together people and places from throughout the universe. The Q Continuum pronounces that the end of everything has come, but Q refuses to meekly accept the end of all he has known. Defying the judgment of the Continuum, he sets out to derail doomsday – at whatever the cost.

Q has been everywhere and done everything, but now he’s in for a cosmic thrill ride beyond even his own astonishingly unlimited imagination. Old friends and adversaries wait in unexpected places, transcendent hazards abound, and the multiverse’s most unlikely savior encounters wonders and dangers enough to render Q himself speechless. Almost.

Can even Q, reluctantly assisted by Jean Luc Picard, prevent the Universe As We Know It from literally going down the drain? I, Q is a wild and witty voyage through the secret soul of creation – as only Q can tell it!

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