The Longest Night – Book Review

Book Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (DNF / 5 stars)

This book has the hook: a crazed megalomaniac wishes to bring about the end of the world. Why wouldn’t anyone pick this up?

For me though, it just wasn’t there. At 35% I decided I couldn’t keeping reading. Since I didn’t even make it halfway through the book, I decided to forego leaving a rating, but I did want to leave a few comments on why I didn’t finish.

Like most thrillers, this story starts off with a suspenseful pace, giving us glimpses into cults and secrets working in plain site. But, by the time I reached 35%, nothing really had happened.

Since I can’t comment on the plot, I think what really held me back from reading more was the writing. The characters, in my opinion, were bland and too similar to one and other, especially the two male POVs. Tasha’s storyline was more compelling, but with the other characters weighing it down, it didn’t quite keep me interested. This also might have been due to how cumbersome the writing was; there were clear errors, and a lot of the narrative “told” instead of “showed” me what happened. While this can work in some prose, in this case it prevented me from wanting to read more.

Perhaps if I read this book when my life was less busy, I might have continued it. The story itself might be awesome past the point where I read, but for me, I couldn’t continue.

While I don’t know this writer’s predicament, I think the book needs another round or so of editing to really polish it off. I might pick it up again one day. So I implore you not to let my comments here prevent you from checking out the book. This is just my personal opinion.

What’s it about?

A crazed megalomaniac wishes to bring about the end of the world as we know it, and only three strangers can stop him, and they don’t even know it yet. 

Tasha learns her brother is involved with an evil ritualistic cult and does everything she can to track him down.

Hunter’s best friend was murdered, and the killer staged it to look like an accident.

Keith comes across a cover-up that brings him face to face with a man covered in scars.

Can they all survive the rage and power of the criminal mastermind only known as The Occultist?

The Longest Night is a fast-paced thriller set entirely in modern-day Ireland. The author combines his love of history, legends, folklore to create an adventure full of action, twists, horror and suspense! An absolute page-turner you will not be able to put down!

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