A Discussion of Creativity & Writing: An Interview with Cynthia Vespia

Today we are talking with Cynthia Vespia about her creative process. Cynthia Vespia is the author of Karma, Kobra, and more!

About Author

So let’s get into the questions!

First, tell us about your book!

It’s a superhero series called Silke’s Strike Force. Book 1 is Karma. 2 is Kobra. 3 is Kaged and 4 is Khaos. I did the spelling that way with the “K” on purpose just to have a theme.

How did you come up with this idea? What inspired you?

When I started, superheroes on the big screen and TV were all the rage. I’ve always loved superheroes and comics so I decided to make up my own.

Tell us a little bit about your main character(s). Were you inspired by anyone particular when writing them?

My main character is Silke (silky) Butters. I got the name when I was working at The Wynn in Las Vegas. Someone checked in using it. We get a lot of aliases in Vegas hotels! I wrote Silke to have a good heart and pure intentions so I could challenge her. She starts out a little naïve and as her powers grow she does as well. I also made her American Indian to change things up from the norm.

What about your setting? What inspired you to choose where the story took place?

The story takes place across New York and Los Angeles. Isn’t that where all superhero stories are based? Heh heh

Obviously, stories change from their initial inception. How has your story changed while working on it?

Silke’s Strike Force started out way different! Originally it was a story about female investigators. Silke was a Caucasian blonde. It evolved into this massive superhero story with military and sci-fi undertones. Crazy stuff happens when you’re a writer.

What is your writing process like?

I used to be a panster but I realized it was hurting my story. Because Silke’s Strike Force is my first big series I needed to plot it out more to have a throughline between all 4 books that links them up. But I don’t over plot either. It stifles creativity. I just put down the nuts and bolts then let the characters surprise me.

What part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?

Character creation is my favorite for sure! I’m also partial to developing villains. I guess because you have more freedom. For instance, my villains The Sin Squad are full of a bunch of powered people named after the Seven Deadly Sins. In writing them I got to explore each of their unique stories and what brought them all together.

What was the most difficult part in writing your book? How did you overcome it?

I wrote part 1 Karma in 2017. Then life kicked my ass. So the hardest part was trying to get back in the mindset to finish the rest of the series. Part 2, Kobra was so hard to write. But I got through it and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

Now let’s talk personal inspiration: did anyone or anything inspire you to be a writer?

Dean Koontz. I read a book of his called Intensity when I was in school and wanted to create stories like that. I met him a few years later!

Finally, do you have any words of inspiration or tips to new authors?

Learn the rules of writing and then break them! Don’t be afraid to take a risk with your writing. It’s your story, have fun!

Thank you for joining us today! If you’re interested in Cynthia Vespia, check out the links below!

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