The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice October Review Blitz!

Reviews are the lifeblood of authors. This is why I commit so much time into reviewing books by other indie authors: it’s so important.

My ultimate goal for the end of the year is to have 50 reviews on Goodreads and 20-25 reviews on Amazon. While this might be a stretch, hey, I can try, right? But, while I try to review every book I read, I know sometimes that it is hard for readers to remember. So, I’ve created a fun little prize pack as an incentive to those of you who enjoyed the book but forgot to leave a review (oops!).

That’s right, you heard what I said…a prize pack! What does this prize back include?

Well let me show you!

*Note: Prize Pack Items will vary*

Also: every person who submits their review will receive a SNEAK PREVIEW at A Pool of Peony, the sequel to The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice!

How do you get one of these nifty little prize packs? Well, that’s simple.

  1. Leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other Bookish websites/social media!
  2. Fill out the survey below and provide links to your 3-star or above rating & review!

It’s that easy!

Wait…wait…you said 3-star and above? Are you bribing us?

Not at all! But, I do think that anyone who wants one of these prize packs should probably be someone who *enjoyed* the book. It would be weird if someone who enjoyed the book rated it 1- or 2-stars. I suppose it is possible…but that would be kind of strange. But that’s beside the point. The point here is that you should leave an honest review…but I hope that if you enjoyed the book you at least rate it 3-stars or above.

And there’s more to this…

In addition to the prize pack, you will also be entered into a contest to receive a SIGNED HARD BACK EDITION of A Pool of Peony when it is released in 2021! So *obviously* you should want to know what happens next, right?

Okay, cool. How do I get all of this then?

Easy! Fill out the survey below! Really! It’s that simple!

I can’t wait to send out all these prize packs!

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