13 Year Anniversary Celebration: Authors Wanted!

Hi everyone!

So let me take you back to October 2007. I was in Eight Grade, tasked with writing a horror/suspense story for Halloween. This story, titled “Red Ink”, became the starting point for what would be years of work on my debut novel The Mist Keeper’s Apprentice.

I want to celebrate 13 years of work. While there will be events about my book throughout October, one thing I really want to do is interview a handful of authors about what inspired them to work their novels as well as their creative process.

So everyday in October, I would LOVE to feature an author here on my website as well as on social media. That’s right! I want to interview 31 authors to feature on my blog! Five of these authors will be offered a chance to do a live interview as well, but obviously I am one person, so I don’t have the capacity to do them all.

Note: This is completely different from the massive event I am planning. More details on that will come soon. This is more of a personal celebration that I am putting together.

So with all that being said…are you an author? Do YOU want to be featured on my website and on my social media pages at some point in October?

Fill out the form below! I’ll close it once I have 31 responses OR on October 1st…whichever comes first!

Looking forward to get to know all of you!

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