Feature Friday: Catherine Downen

Today I am featuring Catherine Downen, author of The Markings.

Catherine Downen, 22, grew up in a small town in southern IL and went to school at Bradley University. She graduated May 2019 with a degree in mechanical engineer and now works as an engineer in St. Louis! She has always loved to write and tell stories, and a lot of times use it as an escape from her science/technical job. She likes to think she has the best of both worlds in the sense that she is 50% science 50% arts. Her favorite genre to read and write is YA Fantasy. She’s just beginning her journey as an author with her debut novel, The Markings.

Why did you choose indie publishing?

Self publishing found me honestly. I was always blinded by the idea of the only option was the traditionally route until I joined the writing community on twitter. that was when I discover the option of self publishing and even though it seemed daunting I new I wanted to try it. I look at The Markings as my beginning. I want to use this book to help grow my platform and better myself as a writer and maybe one day return to the traditional publishing route. I had thought that, anyways, until recently I’ve just really enjoyed the process of self publishing. the book feels 100% mine. Ive had so much fun with cover design, internal formatting, marketing, and getting to work with other self published authors that I don’t know if I’ll go to the traditional publishing route. Self publishing has also forced me to learn about the publishing market. I have learned so much by making myself go through this process that I think every author would benefit from having to learn how to do it all on their own. It’s been a fun experience, and one that has given me more knowledge and experience than I ever would have gotten going the traditional route.

What inspired you to write?

I was inspired to write The Markings through a dream I had freshman year of high school actually. In the dream I had seen the basic parts of the world in The Markings, and had seen the first 5 or so chapters play out. I also knew exactly how I wanted the entire series to end. I was so excited about this idea that I began to try an outline this story and fill in the gaps.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?

Yes! My debut novel The Markings was just released on April 24th. Now I am working on the second book in the series. The Markings will be a trilogy and this will be the project I will spend almost all my time on for the next year or two.

Who is your favorite author and/or book?

Currently it’s Victoria Aveyard and the Red Queen series. I chose this because I feel like the Red Queen series really saved me and my writing when needed it most. in 2018, prior to deciding to self-publish, I had really doubted The Markings would ever get to be a real book. But that was when I found the Red Queen books, and the sparked the writing flame inside of me and it fueled my and my self publishing journey.

If you could apologize to one of your characters, what would you say?

Oh what a good question! I’d probably apologize to Codian because I wish he could have been given the second chance he deserved. I would tell him what happened wasn’t fair and wasn’t his fault. But as Adaline would say, “You can’t save everyone.”

What is your writing routine like?

I have to start with pen and paper. I have so many notebooks that I shuffle through. I sit down and I put pen to paper and let the plot start to take me somewhere. Then I transfer it to my computer and in the reread process I fill in the story. I try to write every day, but my schedule has been thrown off a little with the recent launch of The Markings.

Can you give us an out of context spoiler?

“We both look at each other for a long time. Something flashes in his eyes and suddenly I feel as though I have known him all my life and this is the moment I have to lose him.”

Who do you hope to inspire with your writing, if anyone?

I hope to inspire any kid in a freshman English class that’s dreaming of being an author. I think back to when I was that age a lot and the idea seemed so impossible, when in reality if you want to do It you can! I love that about self-publishing. Yes it’s hard but it is possible. Kids now a days say they want to be an author and people are so quick to tell them it’s a near impossible dream. It’s not, and I hope my writing can inspire the future authors to come!

If you could give one piece of advise to your past-self about writing, what would it be?

It would be to know your options. Don’t get blinded by the path of traditional publishing because there are so many other opportunities for you out there. Every single person will take a unique path to reaching their dream. Also, success is something you define. What reads a successful to you might mean something different to someone else. You’d define your own success and you create your own unique path to achieve it.

Any shout outs?

I’d give a huge shout out to my beta and arc readers! They took a chance on The Markings before anyone even knew my name or story. A big thank you to my mom, dad, sister, and boyfriend Brad that helped me revise, edit, and revise some more. Finally I’d thank all the people who are just simply a part of my life. Whether they know it or not they helped me achieve this dream too!

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